Adobe CS5 trials are available!

This is huge. There’s no other way to describe it, like, OhMyGawd! I have not yet downloaded it nor have I seen the new features for the other programs besides Photoshop, but shit, I’m excited. The new abilities on Photoshop are beyond godly. They almost make it too easy…in fact it may be too easy. Seems that soon Art may be too easily done. Regardless, this is some pretty cool stuff going on. Photoshops new content aware has blown my mind. I saw it months ago in a preview and it still blows my mind. I just can’t explain how insanely awesome it is. It literally examines the picture and looks for patterns to fill and creates the content you want to replace, you can actually take people out of pictures by just selecting them and filling with content-aware. This is insane.

Download the Trials

Like I said. I do not know about the features of the other programs. Apparently AfterEffects is faster now. Says this.

I can’t wait to see what they cooked up for the other programs as well. I tell ya, as expensive as Adobe programs are, they certainly deliver the goods. Here are a few videos that show you just what I mean with this Photoshop godliness.


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