OH NO Dr.Laura said the “n” word and she is white

Recently on her talk show Dr. Laura Schlessinger, said that and I quote ” If you turn on HBO all you hear is N******,N****** , N******” on her radio show to make a point that there is a racial biased against white people saying this word.

She said this because a caller called in named Jade who was in a bi-racial marriage and was offended when her husband’s white friend’s and family asked her “what do black people think about this?” and once said the “N” word. While I do agree it’s a racial word that no one should say, the caller said the “N” word on the show and then seemed very offended that Dr. Laura used it. Maybe the caller should look at herself, I have found that the people who are most offended by racial comments are usually the most racist. Because by definition it is racist to say one person can say a word because of the color of their skin but another person can’t because of the color of theirs.

Not I am not defending Dr. Laura’s actions, I think she could have made her point in a more intelligent way, but I think most people including the caller Jade are missing her point. She was trying to tell the caller that if she thinks it’s OK for her to say the “N” word because she is black but it is not OK for Dr.Laura too then maybe she needs to fix her racist views before judging others for being racist. Dr. Laura didn’t approach it the right way because instead of making a point she just made the caller mad and got a lot of bad media attention. She should have been smarter about it and used other words to express her point, because as we know saying the “N” word is the worst crime you can commit in the US, according to the liberal media, it’s worse than being a serial killer or a child molester, and just to prove my point look at how Mel Gibson has ruined his career, yet Roman Polanski is free as a bird out there probably planning his next movie. People need to get their priorities straight.

What do you think, was Dr.Laura using this word unforgivable, or do you just think she was using the term out of context in order to make a point?


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