Jesus Hates Obama Video

This is the coolest banned commercial ever. Apparently there are a group of jihadist right winger zealots out there who think that if Jesus was alive today he would forsake all of his hippy teaching about love and peace so he could kick Obama’s butt. It’s a shame that the ad didn’t get into the superbowl line up because whether you agree with the politics or not you have to admit that the commercial is hilarious.

I know I want a shirt with a bobble head Obama and Jesus on it now. How about you?


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    2 Responses to “Jesus Hates Obama Video”
    1. avatar Juan says:

      Whoa hahahaha that was rather interesting, I had no idea Jesus hated Obama o.o

    2. avatar Anaconda says:

      This page really has all of the information and facts I wanted about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

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