10 Things I hate about Gen-Y

I am a little behind on this but apparently there is a new show based on “10 things I hate about you”, An awesome Gen-X romance movie based on taming of the shrew. I loved the original “10 things I hate about you” and I am not a fan of romantic / high school movies. It was edgy, sarcastic and had really good music, and top notch actors.

The new ABC family channel based show that is based on the movie does what they have to do for all Gen-Yish movies, it’s dumbed down, not serious at all, instead of focusing on the edgy non-comformist girl Kat and her love/rejection of love story it focuses on her shallow/boy crazed sister Bianca who has no substance, the writing is OK but the acting is terrible. I lump this show in same category as Laguna beach and Gossip Girl, I fear for the future and I am glad I don’t really have anything in common with my fellow Gen-Yer’s, it seems that in order to please them television networks have to come up with shallow stories with super cheesy actors.


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