Brace for Impact

We all remember the day Captain Sully successfully crashing USAir flight 1549 into the Hudson river after flying through a flight of Canada geese. There is no doubt that this was a heroic act, but don’t you think this movie a little over the top? I don’t think it was possible, but if this man had been able to land at an airport there would have been hardly any media coverage at all. Had this incident taken place in the summer, the warmer and less dense water would have most likely ripped the airplane to peaces. Fact is most airline pilots could have and should be able to do what he did. I am also disappointed to hear so very little about the rest of the flight crew. What about the First Officer who, while knowing they were going to crash, never missed a beat and continued to run emergency checklists trying to restart the engines all the way down. Or the flight attendants who kept people organized in the panic and even stopped one passenger from opening a rear exit under water that would have flooded the cabin. Like I said, Capt. Sully kept his cool pulled off a very difficult task. However, calling him an American hero seems like a lot of media hype that I don’t think we will see go away anytime soon. I would also like to see a documentary about the surviving geese who are most likely going to suffer sever PTSD.

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    Jeff is a 28 year old male living in Atlanta Georgia. Working as a pilot for a regional airline, he has made absolutely no use of his degree in interpersonal communication. When he is not spending all his time in different hotels he enjoys watching movies with his lovely wife and almost any outdoor activity they can find including fishing and Crabing. Jeff has a passion for art including ceramics and drafting. He also enjoys playing games on the PC with friends.

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