How to destroy angels

Trent Reznor and Mariqueen Reznor released a song “Drowning” from their new project How to Destroy Angels. I noticed the artwork looked fairly familiar.

How To Destroy Angels Artwork:

Looks like the typical art rock band cover doesn’t it? It almost fulfills every stereotype about about indie rock band album cover artwork. The singer is looking at the camera and the musicians are in the background looking disinterested. If you are a South Park fan though it probably even looks more familiar

South Park Faith+1 Artwork:

I don’t know if Trent Reznor and Mariqueen are fans of South Park of if the South Park writers just nailed this joke. If it’s the latter the artwork is just as cheesy as the name, what’s up with that “How to destroy angels” it sounds like the name of a band that the goth kids on south park might create. Either way it’s pretty funny.

If you want to hear “Drowning” by How To Destroy Angels you can stream the single on

If you want to know my opinion on the song, The music’s pretty cool but it sounds like something from Ghost and I was hoping to hear something new and exciting. Mariqueen’s voice is flat, and doesn’t seem to match the music. Overall I think the song sounds pretty amateur but there are rumors that Mariqueen wrote it so maybe that is the problem.


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