3D is back with a vengeance

3d Television

3D movies were really popular in the early 90’s then they faded away for a wile, until 2007 when the 3D Nightmare Before Christmas came out. Now most movies are premiering in 3D and 2D. But 3D is not going away again for a while.

Discovery, Sony, and Imax have partnered together to create the first all 3D television network. At first the channel will have a lot of movies about science in nature, pretty much the types of movies you see in the Imax or on the discovery channel. However the hope is to eventually license 3D movies, music videos and game related shows.

The cable / satellite companies will decide if the channel will be included in basic packages or if it will be included in a premium package.

The 3D channel appears to be the first of many to come, ESPN has already announced a 3D channel.

You may be wondering what Sony has to do with all this. They will obviously be creating a lot of the content for the 3D channel but they also stand to benefit by selling 3D televisions they have already shown several demos of the 3D televisions at different trade shows (video below).

Discovery channel is promoting the service on their 13 channels and Imax is providing the license to their films in hopes of expanding their brand, as well as promoting the service in their theaters, and providing their proprietary technology that is used to enhance 3D movies.


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