The Walking Dead steps into my heart

I know, I know, zombies are becoming the next vampires, since everyone finally noticed how much they are actually ruining vampires, they decided to move on to zombies. Luckily since zombies are lifeless and can’t become all whiny and glittery, I see zombies being hard to ruin. That being said, this show doesn’t even come close to ruining zombies. In fact, I think a zombie TV series is long overdue. Note that this review is based solely on the TV show, I have not read the comic at all. So anything I like that was changed from the comics, well I don’t care. Purists can go bash someone else.

I have to say, this show captivates, I mean really captivates, I wish I had waited till all the episodes were out to watch it just so I could watch them all at once! After each new episode Sunday nights I can’t wait till next Sunday. One thing I noticed is the lack of use of the dreaded “z-word”, they call them walkers.

The show doesn’t focus as much on the zombies or how they came about, it focuses more on the survivors dealing with each other in the high stress environment, and executes it perfectly. This aspect is a make or break of zombie movies/stories. The more conflict inside the main plot keeps you interested.

The show is based in Georgia, off of I-85 and in Atlanta, giving a dizzying array of character personalities to put together. Honestly, I’d watch this show if it had nothing to do with zombies. Hell, they’d barely need a disaster, just put these people together in a room and see the drama.

This has to be one of the best shows that I have seen this year, I’d recommend it to anyone. The only thing this show lacks is comedy, and honestly, it’s better that way. It would only take away from the pull of the show to have cheap laughs thrown around in there.


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    Jesse Smith is currently an Unoccupied 20 year old male living in Georgia, hopefully his next leap, will be the leap home. He loves photography, graphic design and is a Huge fan of almost any movies. He also enjoys his fair share of sitcoms, especially Seinfeld. You can view his photography/graphic design portfolio at

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    3 Responses to “The Walking Dead steps into my heart”
    1. avatar Juan says:

      I’ve noticed that most movies and comics dealing with zombies refuse to call them as such. I have no idea why. A little light would be much appreciated on this.

    2. avatar Jesse says:

      I guess no one wants to admit it.

    3. avatar Russ Tafari says:

      I have not seen the show but I do love zombies!

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