Heavy Rain Box Art

For whatever reason game publishers feel that if box art on video games are works of art American audiences will not appreciate them. When I saw how sony destroyed the Artwork for Heavy Rain for American audiences (pictured above), it made me really sad because the European and Japanese artwork is very beautiful, it would have tempted me to buy the game.

It makes a lot of since though in the same way that movies like Transformers are so popular here but movies like Cloverfield flop. The fact of the matter is that Americans in general are pretty simple. They want action, and a piece of origami with with blood on it doesn’t spell out action to most Americans (even though the game is about a serial killer called the origami killer). The fact of the matter is putting a girl with huge breast and guns on the cover is more likely to sell games here than a mysterious, vague looking piece of origami with a hint of blood on it. And what is with the font on the American version? The Japanese version has this really distorted almost ghostly looking font and the European / Japanese version has a sleek modern font that does not really fit the theme of the rest of the art work, they even put  a drop shadow on the text, that’s like design 101 you don’t do that, to me it ruins the entire design. It’s almost like with the American version they were just in a hurry to get it done and didn’t really spend a lot of time making design choices.

I personally would have been very drawn to the game if the box just had the piece of origami on it because it looks unique and mysterious. Even though I hate to admit it obscure box art was one of the reason, I bought the first two fatal frames, and I have been known to buy obscure albums because of their box art as well.

The good news is that if you like the European / Japanese box art Sony will give you the option to download it so you can have a crappy printed version in your box instead of the glossy stock paper that the game comes with it has instead.

What do you think is the European or American version of the box art better? Which one would persuade you to buy the game?


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