Pokeweird: Pokemon_Yellow_siCk

I just caught this on /x/. Holy crap this is one of the most original ideas of read about in a long while. While reading, you HAVE to imagine this as an actual game, not just a story. This is not your typical HURRDURRR 27 SKELETONS POP OUT creepypasta. This, as it says, starts out like a normal game except for one little quirk. Eventually, everything goes wrong. This is not a story but a backbone to a hack that will hopefully be created. Enjoy.

I was actually planning on hacking Pokemon.
Yes, another one.
This one however is going to be a LOT more subtle than LOL SIVER IS DEAD, or LOL GHOST KILLS EVERYONE THEN YOU LOL

Basically, It’s yellow edition, all normal, except when you fight the first pokemon AKA pikachu, before you catch it, you see the text “Pikachu sneezes!”
When you fight your rival it says it again, and then after the fight, when you check it’s status it says “sick.”
Going to the First aid center solves this and his status becomes normal.
As you go along, the line in the first aid centers get longer, and there are more people in there that says “My pokemon is sick. I’m not sure why, but the pokecenters will solve everything!!”

After the thirds badge, pikachu get’s “Sick” again except this time the message says, “Pikachu coughs violently.” Pokecenter solves this again. As you get to the fourth town, AKA lavender town, the area has several people in it when it is normally a very small town. taking to them says “We are trafficking dead pokemon. They died from a strange sickness. I suggest you keep an eye on your pokemon.” The tower is skipped, Mr. Fiji being in a house guarded by team rocket. Going inside the tower shows a giant fire with one person in front of it who says that you are not authorized to dispose of bodies, and you are escorted out.
Note this is all still in planning so if you see something in it you don’t like, point it out and I can alter it.

As you along facing badges, it gets worse. There are now designated grave yards in towns, and they get bigger as you go along, although not TOO Big, as it wouldn’t make sense for these to actually be huge in a small town. When you saved Mr. Fiji, he gives you the silph scope for free along with the Poke flute, I think, It’s been a while since I played.
Anyway, these graveyards now spawn ghost pokemon and that’s how you get ghost if you want then.
In the fifth gem there are trainers that don’t fight you, saying “They have sick pokemon and that they cannot fight you.” Eventually they all have ghost pokemon at the sixth gem. Eventually the ghost pokemon become common. When you get to pallet town, that’s when the REAL shit hits the fan. you go into it to see 2 tombstones, and the two walking NPC’s outside are gone. Turns out, that sickness? It can affect humans too. Your mom is sick, but she’s innoculated,so she should be fine, oak is nowhere to be seen, you don’t know what happened to blue, he stops showing up at the fourth town, and there are masked men everywhere. Pikachu exanimations shows he’s worried.
Cinnibar island is fenced off except for one area. You enter in here and have to fight a masked man, who has ghost pokemon, so having an physic pokemon means that this game is gonna get easy, unless THEY catch the sick status, in which in battle the pokemon “is too sicken to fight.” And is dealt a good amount of damage. Good thing is, if they get hit by another pokemon that isn’t sick, THEY can get sick as well. This variable increases as the game goes along, but your pokemon can NEVER get sick from hitting sick pokemon.

Sick will be a status dealt by “Viral Breath” which certain pokemon now do. Mind to say, It hardly ever happens and except for pikachu after the third infection, it always clears it up
Cinnibar is now a shelter for non sick pokemon, going under the sea for the room and accominations for other pokemon. You go into the broken lab here, now converted to a HUGE fuck off pokecenter, the other pokecenter an emergency surgery center/MR (Military Recruiter), which is the base of the Masked men. When you leave the center, fighting men and ghosts, there are people missing, and the EMR is empty. Going into the gym gives trainers missing and only Blaine there, who when you go into combat with, only has a Charmander that’s lvl 15. Beating it gives you the Badge and TM whatever. He says his pokemon suddenly turned sick and he wasn’t sure why and that the badge you have there is only temporary.
The eighth badge in vermilion is the easiest. There are tomb stones all in vermilion and trainers that just say “urgh” when you talk to them. Giovanni says “DON’T GET NEAR ME. STAY AWAY. YOU HAVE IT, I KNOW YOU DO. YOU BROKE MY FORCES, AND YOU’RE GOING TO BREAK ME.” Going into combat with him reveals him to be utterly sick, and his pokemon are all underleveled and have the “SICK” Status, so sick that NOTHING gets out of them. Needless to say, this fight is over quick. You get the badge. He then backs against the wall and turns his back to it and the text “No….. N…No….” appears. Investigating him gives the text. “He…. He’s not breathing.”
Leaving the gym triggers the next blue sequence. He starts saying all of his pokemon are dead. ALL of them. He’s not sure why but now he’s sneezing. He didn’t mean for this to happen. Why?” and so forth.

Your pikachu becomes sick again, but this time the pokecenter doesn’t do much as it just happens again. He doesn’t get attacks taken or damage, just… sick.
(Basically, Sick comes in 2 ways, One replaces freeze since that never happens in Gen 1, and the other will take I think Toxic, since that hardly happens in Gen 1 either. Neither will be missed)
Investigating him reveals him to be frowning and for bubble to be rising above his head, and a “sneeze” to emit from him.
Going to the elite 8 shows masked men everywhere and for more face down trainers.
Going through victory roads shows sick visible pokemon with NO encounter rate.

Did I metion that past 7th gym, you now encounter ghost pokemon outside of grass? It’s really low encounter but you can.

Also, when pikachu is infected the third time, all pokemon are “Too scared to move.” against him.

Anyway, Victory road HAS no encounter rate, and the 4 are all sick when fighting, and certain pokemon are midly sick, and each one has at least 1 ghost pokemon. Still challenging, but not as much as the original. They all attempt to stick to their speechs but are sick and mess it up a little. Not the whole “I’M DYING” thing but like “You tried your breast.. I mean best, sorry.” It gets less surreal the further into the 4 that you go. They also warn against “The newcomer.”
Getting to the last elite shows that his pokemon all have “Sick” but they still attack somewhat. He warns you about the other person and that to not worry because he was lucky to get the few inoculations that actually worked.

The FINAL boss is still blue, but all sublty is shed off here. He’s basically sick as a dog and has only one pokemon. “You…You did this…” Or something like that, I haven’t planned out his speech and how your pikachu started this, even though it’s very possible he didn’t, the source is never ‘explained’ until Oak gets in after you defeat blue, who ‘dies’.

Oak explains that said plague that’s been going around was a failed experiment. It was a gas that was meant to actually prevent a certain sickness that was going around, and instead amplified it to unbeleivable strength. It kills pokemon, and turns them into ghosts that are super powerful. After a few more lines, Blue gets up. He turns around. He mubles “You… YOU.”
You have to fight him again, this time his portait is different, with white eyes.
He now has 6 ghost pokemon that are Extremely high level and have powerful attacks. Losing kicks you to the title screen, winning shows him falling over dead, permanently this time.
Oak offers you asylum in the Kanto region where they have it under control, rather than this soon to be wasteland. The final cutscene is you wondering past “White” trainers and “Masked men”. You escape to a small monologue that I haven’t planned out yet.

It doesn’t show the whole WOOO I’M HAUNTED THING but instead takes a mores subtle apporach to allow the illusion that this count have been an actual plot that was canceled. It’s certainly not finished yet in my head and certain things are gonna get changed.
A. Is this possible to hack (I think most likely, most of this isn’t hard to change) and B. Would anyone here actually play it.
Also C. Objections/dislikes.

Also, any ideas suggested will be seriously concidered and possibly implemented. Just remember this is the gameboy, so I’ll be limited in power.

Also, For those of you that hate grind, the game will feature an increased pace.
Wild pokemon EXP will be increased by 300%, trainer exp by 200%, and all money gain will be increased by 400%, with most items being decreased in value by 60%, to drastically lower grind, so you have a straight shot through the game.
There will also be a normal version in this as well without these added variables, but with how the game starts to smirk trainers, you’ll find yourself drasitcally under-leveled later in game.

I was also going to add a shop in the Final 4 as well that allows you to buy stat raisers for a good price.
Also, Payday will instead of giving money after a fight, trade EXP for PKE, so fighting with a meowth in party and using pay day will give 4600 gold per fight for example instead of EXP. However, since most fights will be harder in end game in the wild, this might prove to be a challenge in it’s own right.

No fucked up music at first, no messed up art, no anything like that except for pikachu sneezing, and at most someone might think that is just a little quirk as it’ll be advertised as “More interactive with your pikachu! He can get a little sick, but he can get better with the help of Nurse joy! It’s playing with pikachu like you never experienced before!”

Of course, they soon realize after lavender town it’s a plague nightmare, but that’s their problem then.

I loved this, and if you don’t get it, then you are 8 and gtfo of my internet. Look for updates on this, I’m calling it now. This will be the best pokeweird hack to come out for 2010 and 2011. But that’s just my opinion.

Seacrest out.


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    Juan Soto enjoys reading mangas over watching animes, listening to what pleases me, majoring in Int'l Economic Policy with concentration in german, loves soccer, and plays video games for the story and not the the challenge. Yes, he is casual.

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    24 Responses to “Pokeweird: Pokemon_Yellow_siCk”
    1. avatar Plague says:

      Thanks for the exposure. I’m not sure exactly when the actual programming begins, but it’ll most likely happen within this month. Any and all help is appreciated.

    2. avatar Charizard says:

      wow, that definitely sounds like something i would play!!!! :3 i’d be glad to help in any way, with spriting or mapping or whatever, just e-mail me at badgerclaw1995@yahoo.com :3 i hope i can help you in some way ^w^

    3. avatar Pikachu says:

      …Do I really need to make a swine flu joke? Anyways, excellent idea! I’d play it, especially because of the “innocent” appearance it has at the start. Give it to your friends, and they won’t be any the wiser… >:D Anyways, it’d be a really great game!Hope to see an emulator or something soon!

    4. avatar Achruss says:

      An interesting Idea, and sounds quite entertaining to. Id love to see thi sactually pop up, but the only thing i dont like is the being thrown back to the title screen in the last fight, but I suppose its rather necessary. Why dont you throw me an E-mail when and if you find it, try Achruss@gmail.com. Kudos on such a great Idea, assuming whoevers idea this is reads this comment. good luck.

    5. avatar Locke says:

      Sounds amazing. If/when it happens, be sure to post it here, I’d be sooooo down to play it. Are there any of these cool Pokeweird roms that are actually available for download?

    6. avatar Plague says:

      To all those that are showing interest: I really appreciate this, but so far nothing has gotten done. Around November, one of my family members lost her job and we both had to get new ones, so I’ve been working non-stop trying to make the bills.
      Whenever I get the chance, I’d love to work on this ,but so far, no time has been allowed.

    7. avatar Juan says:

      I’m sorry to hear that Plague… But I know you and your family will pull through! Thank you for giving up your valuable time to contact us again and just know that you have fans rooting for you!

    8. avatar James says:

      I would absolutely love to play this as and when it’s done.
      Hell, once it’s at a Beta stage, I’ll test it for you guys.
      Just let me know. 🙂

    9. avatar Taya says:

      This sounds amazing! I would totally be game for playing it! <3

    10. avatar jackie says:

      i know very little about ROMS and emulators, but i think this hack would be worth the education!! it very much reminds me of the black plague, [which started with mice/rats] and i think this is a very original idea for a pokemon hack, but when you say ‘masked men’ what type of mask is what im wondering….

      [did you read all of this???]

    11. avatar Wow says:

      Name says it all, I’d love you see this and get to play it.

    12. avatar cody says:

      Is there any update on how this is coming along I really want to play this

    13. avatar Lance says:

      Dude. This is amazing. I hope it will be up soon. You need to pay the bills first, and I understand that. I just feel like I would definitely play this.

    14. avatar tHeoNEToklLLuAlL says:


      Ugh… just sneezed… What? Now coughs… My head hurts…. I feel strange….

    15. avatar Rainbow says:

      This sounds fantastic. C: Gives me shivers just thinking about it.

    16. avatar Dragonite says:

      Hey I really liked this… I never made a ROM hack before, but since its already been 1 year, would you mind if I started to make this ROM hack?

    17. avatar Runarrow3 says:

      Wow final fantasy meets Pokemon nice

    18. avatar Raal says:

      Did this rom ever get made?

    19. avatar FalconHalo says:

      Hello? Is this still a thing?

    20. avatar keki says:

      I wish this was actually a game 🙂 if anyone ever made it let me know!

    21. avatar Gary Oak says:

      This is amazing. Please make this happen.

    22. avatar Osaka says:

      Sounds good, but I don’t understand why you have to hate on Pokemon Black.

    23. Exceptional post but I was wondering if you
      could write a litte more on this subject? I’d be very grateful
      if you could elaborate a little bit more. Appreciate it!


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