Movie Theater Conflict – Wut Do?!?

I know you have all experienced it, at least once, the dreaded kid in the movie theater who won’t shutup. He’s either unaware of how blatantly loud he is, or just one rude mamma jamma. The question is, what can we do about these pests? Asking them do be quiet rarely works so well if they have enough personality to be so annoying in a theater. Many times simply asking them to be quiet would just exacerbate things for everyone; they argue back, it becomes a whole big thing, everyone else in the theater becomes increasingly bothered by the escalating argument happening. That’s no good for anyone.

Now, of course, there is always the boring option. Go get the manager and get them kicked out, get a refund, or both. This option is definitely the easiest and will most likely always work, so if you really just wanna watch the movie, by all means. However, this could be an opportunity that you do not wanna miss.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “What do you mean opportunity, this person is fucking annoying, I just want them out!”. Well my friend it’s time for some payback. There’s so many options. This is my thoughts on it, next time it happens just move slowly toward the seat the offender is in. Just one seat at a time, eventually you will directly beside this person, which can either cause some conflict or real awkwardness. Of course this won’t work in a very crowded theater, there’s not enough room to do it properly, but on a not-so-busy night this will be the perfect thing. Also, this will be a great…troll, if you will, for people sucking face in theaters as well. Just imagine the incredibly awkward silent stop.

Well, that’s my thoughts on things, feel free to comment with your ideas, what might you do to get back at those pests?


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    Jesse Smith is currently an Unoccupied 20 year old male living in Georgia, hopefully his next leap, will be the leap home. He loves photography, graphic design and is a Huge fan of almost any movies. He also enjoys his fair share of sitcoms, especially Seinfeld. You can view his photography/graphic design portfolio at

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