A Farmville Movie?

Apparently Farmville won the award for best social networking online game at the 2010 Gamer’s Choice Awards. Kotaku interviewed Bill Mooney who received the award on behalf of Zynga.¬† During the interview Mooney talks about how the goal of the game is to let all people play games together, he talks about merchandise potential, and even a potential Farmville movie?!!?!?! I have to admit I am biased, I hate farmville, but I seriously hope he is joking about the movie. (Oh yeah he also gives some¬† pokemon tips, I didn’t know anyone played that anymore.)

Anyways Here is the link to the video of the interview.

(edit: if they are serious about a Farmville movie maybe Uwe Boll can direct it)


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    1. avatar Locke357 says:


      In all seriousness, Zynga is a parasitical company that feeds off of the non-internet-savvy, and is a plague upon the internet as a whole.

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