boy and Girl

Someone posted this tonight, caught it while procrastinating on work. Holy shit this confused and aroused me until the poster mentioned this was a parody of many Myspace chain letters.

“It’s like a car accident. I can’t look away. It’s so bad, but I can’t look away.” Enjoy.

Girl goes to boy’s house for dinner. Been months since they last saw each other.

Girl says she has to leave before dark because she has to pass by a dangerous neighborhood on her way home. After dinner, girl ask boy for a weapon. Boy brings out gun because that is all he has, but girl declines offer. Boy puts gun in pocket. Girl say she’ll have to take her chances. They hug each other goodbye. Girl feels something hard press against her body. Boy ensures her it was a gun. Girl reaches into pocket and removes gun. They continue to hug and girl feels something else hard press against her body. Girl smiles and tear rolls down her cheek because she hasn’t felt him in months.

Girl lifts boy and holds him real tight while shaking him around a bit to tease him. Boy gasp out of sensation. Girl puts boy down and whispers into his ear ‘I’ll call you when I get home’. Boy walks girl out of house and they give their goodbyes to each other.

An hour passes and girl hasn’t called yet. Boy is very worried cause girl’s house is just a 20 minute walk away. Boy calls girl, but it automatically sent to voicemail. Boy keeps calling again and again. Boy waits and calls one more time. Boy is sent to voicemail and throws phone at wall out of frustration. Pressure from wall sets the phone to speaker. Boy notices that the voicemail is different. Boy is instructed to meet at a disclosed location and tell no one about it or else girl gets dead.

Boy picks up phone and gets a text from girl’s phone. Inside text is a photo. Photo shows girl’s clothes without girl in them. This implies girl is naked and sacred somewhere. Boy wants to call for help, but he can’t risk hurting girl even more. Boy heads out to construction site as instructed to. Boy hears laughter.

‘who puts a gun in their pocket?’

boy looks down and sees that he still has gun in pocket. no one puts gun in pocket.

He takes gun out of pocket and points it around him. boy looks to see who is talking, but he sees no one in the darkness. he sees a flashing red light inside an unfinished building. A shadow walks by it so he heads toward it. Boy enters building and sees an old photograph of girl. on the back of the photo is ‘repent’ written in moon blood. He quickly turns around and sees a man wearing a heavy rain coat. The man’s face is obscured behind a gas mask.

Boy asks him what he wants with the girl. Masked man says he has no idea what he’s talking about. Boy shows him photo, but all masked man sees is an empty Polaroid.

The masked man approaches the boy. Scared, the boy aims his gun at him. The boy warns him to not closer, but the masked man continues his pass and raises his arms. Boy fires gun 3 times at his chest, but stops when he starts to hear the screams of a woman. Masked man reveals the palm of his gloved hands. Large amounts of gas emit from each palm which dizzy the boy. Boy begins to stumble down to his knees, unable to maintain his balance and the grip of the gun. As he collapses, he sees a female body fall out of the masked man’s trench coat.

Female body is girl.

Boy passes out as he sees masked man stuff girl back into his raincoat. What should be a human torso was replaced with a bird cage like structure. The masked man covers his cage-like body with his raincoat. Boy passes out.

When he awakens he finds himself back home. Boy calls girl to check if she’s okay. Girl said she already tried calling many times before, but boy wouldn’t pick up. Boy checks his recent calls and texts and phone says he never made any calls to her that day. That picture of her clothes is gone. Boy then feelings a burning sensation on his arm. Boy grasps him arm in pain. When sensation ends, boy checks his arm to see a set of numbers constantly changing. It reminded him of a timer. The numbers seem to be constantly counting down. Whatever it’s counting down to, it has 99 days before it happens.

Days later, boy takes girl out to party since her boyfriend is working that day. Girl drinks and dances with boy. Girl grinds on boy feeling on his thing that isn’t a gun this time. No one seems to notice the timer etched on his arm. When the party is over, boy drives girl to his house because he’s designated driver. Girl freshens up and heads to bunk bed. Girl drunkenly asks boy to take a shot with her since he wasn’t able to drink at party. Boy takes a shot with the girl. That night girl slept on top bunk while boy slept on bottom bunk.

Boy gets thirsty so he gets up to get a drink. He didn’t turn on his room light because he didn’t want to wake girl up. When he returns to his bed, he feels girl in bed. Boy too tired to ask her to move back up so he lays with her. Girl starts cuddling with him and boy keeps telling her no and that they should sleep. Rustling wakes up girl on top bunk who ask boy who he’s talking to.

Boy says ‘I thought you moved to bottom bunk’
girl says she was asleep the whole time

Boy stays very still, unable to speak. He still feels this other girl holding him. An uncomfortable wetness pours from his body and onto his chest. The other girl’s lips lay against his ear. He feels them part and a soft voice speaks to him


The metallic scent of the wetness reveals its identity. Blood. Boy quickly pushes other girl off of him and turns on room light. He looks back at the bed and see no one there. His body isn’t stained either. Girl ask him what’s wrong and boy says ‘it’s nothing’ and ask if they can sleep together in the same bed. Girl allows him to since he looked so startled.

Boy wakes up to burning sensation on his arm again. He takes note that his arm will start to burn every 9am and 9pm. He looks over to check on girl, but she’s missing. Blood stains the bedsheets near the center of the bed. A toilet flushes and a sink starts to run. The sound of the bathroom door opens and girl walks into bedroom.

Girl ask: Did you have fun last night?
boy: Not really. Parties aren’t my thing.
Girl: Wasn’t talking about the party.

Girl climbs up bed and points to blood stain.

Girl: you made me bleed last night.

Boy: But I don’t remember
girl: Maybe because you were drinking so much last night
boy: I only had one though
girl: yeah… one bottle.

boy’s head starts to hurt and his stomach starts to turn. He makes way for the bathroom to freshen up.

girl: be sure to drink some water and Gatorade. It’ll help you feel better faster

Girl doesn’t seem bothered that she just cheated on her boyfriend

Boy heads to kitchen to mend. After drinking water mixed with Gatorade, he notices that the timer on his arm dropped significantly smaller. It’s only been about a week, but it counted down 20 days. Girl follows boy into kitchen and hugs him real tight. They make breakfast together.

Girl: you okay? you seem shaken up
boy: I’m not sure. Guess it’s just my first time drinking so much.
girl: It’s always fun to see you drunk. You’re so different. Last night, you were an animal. I always thought I was the perverted one.
boy: just wish I could have remember it.
girl: Don’t worry, we took tons of pics

After breakfast, girl shows him the pictures on her cellphone.

girl: this is when you got me to take off my skirt and placed a wrapped condom into my panties. you wanted me to pose as if I was waiting for you.

Boy looks at photo and sees a woman gagged and bonded to a bed by rope. Her wrists and ankles seem to have bled from the rope.

girl: This is when you were on top of me

Girl shows another photo, but boy sees the same woman from before except this time she’s terribly beaten.

girl: This is when you wanted me to take a pic of you while you were…. you know.

Boy looks at photo and sees nothing but a blurred image of a man with a distorted face.

girl: I’ll send them to you if you like.

Boy declines the offer and ask if she was worried about her boyfriend. Girl smiled and shook her head ‘no’. She seems happy about the way things turned out. Girl explains how boyfriend wasn’t really at work. They had recently been in argument and she needed time to be with herself and friends since boyfriend is very clingy. Girl asks boy if he minded that she stay at his house for a week since there was drama with her family. Boy said it was okay as long as she helped out around the house. Girl agreed to the terms of use and conditions.

Girl returns home to get her things. Boy looks cleans the blood stained bed sheets and sees a used rubber in the trashcan of his bathroom.

9 pm

A burning sensation starts again. Boy gets text from girl to say she’ll be at his house at around midnight because she’s working late.

boy ask self:

‘Am I dating her now?

why me? why now? She knew I liked her years, but turned me down every time. ‘

Midnight approaches and his doorbell rings. Boy peeks outside peephole to see girl carrying some luggage. Boy opens door for her and offers to help her unpack. When he goes to her car to get one of her duffel bags, he notices an empty birdcage in the backseat. The design of the birdcage reminds him of the masked man from earlier.

After unpacking everything, girl goes into kitchen to eat because she didn’t eat much on her break. Later, girl goes to bathroom. Boy notices her cellphone glowing. His name shows up in the same font as the numbers on his arms. Boy inspects phone the word ‘r e p e n t’ shows in a darkly red. Boy inspects the photos from the other night once more. There’s more horrific photos than she mentioned. The photos he hasn’t seen before look like they were taken at a crime scene. Pieces of evidence looked as if they were tagged and labeled by police. Boy hear girl washing hands so he puts back her phone where she left it.

When the girl returns to the living room, she says want to go sleep. She takes her phone and heads upstairs to sleep in the bunk bed. The confused boy takes a shot of tequila to calm his nerves. When he heads to the stairs, he notices that they’re soaking wet with water. He rushes upstairs, but the stairs start to extend. The lights of the house go off and he calls for girl. He hears something crash in his kitchen so heads back downstairs. The lights turn back on and his the floors of his house are very wet. He recalled running up a long set of stairs, but it only took him a few steps to reach the bottom of the staircase. He goes into the kitchen and hears something rattling against some metal. There’s something behind the kitchen counter covered in a large floral patterned drape. The thing inside starts rattling more and rotates itself to show an opening of the drape which actually looks like a huge blouse thrown over an cage now that he’s able to see the front of it.

Boy peeks inside the opening of blouse where a head would go.

When the girl returns to the living room, she says want to go sleep. She takes her phone and heads upstairs to sleep in the bunk bed. The confused boy takes a shot of tequila to calm his nerves. When he heads to the stairs, he notices that they’re soaking wet with water. He rushes upstairs, but the stairs start to extend. The lights of the house go off and he calls for girl. He hears something crash in his kitchen so heads back downstairs. The lights turn back on and his the floors of his house are very wet. He recalled running up a long set of stairs, but it only took him a few steps to reach the bottom of the staircase. He goes into the kitchen and hears something rattling against some metal. There’s something behind the kitchen counter covered in a large floral patterned drape. The thing inside starts rattling more and rotates itself to show an opening of the drape which actually looks like a huge blouse thrown over an cage now that he’s able to see the front of it.

Boy peeks inside the opening of blouse where a head would go.

Boy can see something slimy inside cage and can hear it breathing. It gives off a playful whine. Boy backs off from cage when the lights start to go off again. He reaches for a flashlight he keeps stashed in the kitchen and turns it on. He sees that the wallpaper of his house is peeling off and that parts of his house are disappearing. A powerful wind knocks the cage over along with some of his furniture. The numbers start to decrease at an alarming rate before coming to an halt. His flashlight starts flickering and when it stops he sees that his whole house is encased in a watery labyrinth. Water forms impossible tunnels, barriers and passage ways. His house is submerged, but walls made of water point him out of his house and into a tunnel where he shines his light.

Thing inside the cage has broke free. Mannequin legs attach to the cage’s sides on mechanical gears. Large tentacle-like arms extend from the extend and outside the arms of the blouse. The arms are holding a pair of large gardening sheers. The creature looks at the boy from its head breaching from the door of the cage. It gives the boy a welcoming smiling with snapping its sheers at him. The boy looks for a place to run, but sees that the only exit is through the tunnel the creature is blocking. He approaches the creature and it snaps its sheers at him, giggling each time. Boy sees a metal pipe floating in a watery wall. He reaches for it and the creature follows him. When his hand enters the water, it appears severely decomposed. He quickly takes it out to see that his hand looks okay. Daringly, he quickly grabs the pipe and turns around and knocks the gardening sheers out of its hands. He makes a run for the tunnel. When he looks back, he sees that the creature is stretching its long neck to look at him. It tilts its head and widens its smile.

Boy continue to run through a series of tunnels all made of water. Remnants of a destroyed city float in the water. The tunnels lead him to an area that looks like a destroyed construction site. A red light glows inside the never finished building. A shadow runs by it. Boy investigates the source of the light. When he gets there he sees a photo of girl. Her body had been severely beaten. On the back of the photo, it reads ‘i’ll never forget’ written in moon blood.

Boy hears footsteps behind him. It’s masked man from before. Boy gets text from girl

‘boyfriend found the photos.’

The masked man approaches boy.

The boy finds a piece of sharp metal and starts slashing at the masked man. The man seems unphased despite his blood letting loose. He continues his pace toward boy and grabs him by the neck. The boy is lifted off of ground and starts kicking at the man. . A part of the man’s sleeve comes off and boy can see a timer just like his on the man’s arm. The timer on his arm has about a minute left before it reaches ‘zero’

Boy: What happens when the timer reaches zero?

Masked man tightens his grip around boy’s neck and hurls him to the ground. Masked man looks down and boy and opens up his rain coat to reveal his birdcage-like body. Inside the cage is girl without clothes. Her body is beaten badly and lacerations can be found forming rings around her wrists and ankles.

boy: Let her go. She doesn’t deserve this.

Masked man picks up broken metal pillar twice his size and readies himself to swing it at the boy. Boy runs and man misses his swing. Frustrated, man throws it at boy and breaks boy’s legs. The timer on his arm is 20 seconds from zero. He runs toward boy and rips the broken part of his legs off. Boy writhes in pain.

15 seconds remain

Boy looks around him trying to understand what’s going on around him. His vision is blurry and his palms are sweaty, knees weak and arms are heavy. In the few instances where his vision is clear, he can see girl looking down on him from cage as the masked man beats him to near death.

5 seconds remain

The masked man grasps a large rock with one hand and raises it to smash over boy’s face, but creature from before arrives and knocks down masked man with its caged body. The man reaches for boy, but is stopped by something inside him. Girl starts to seizure and man reaches for chest as if having heart attack. Light distorts around them and they vanish for a second. Then from the vanishing point, appears distorting polygons reaching out. When it takes shape, a metal cage can be seen covered a rain coat. It starts to shake and a heads pop out the opening of the coat’s head. The head bestows a gas mask. Their body is much like the creature from before.

His timer had reached zero.

Boy passes out from blood loss.

He wakes up and he’s back at home on the bottom bunk of his bed. It’s morning. He feels around his body to check for any bruising and finds none. Then he uncovers his bedsheets to find his legs. Tears roll down boy’s face when he sees that his body is still intact. The timer on his arm has gone down another 20 days. He gets out of bed and hears some rattling going on in the downstairs kitchen.

He goes down to the kitchen and sees girl. Girl has prepared homemade pop tarts and all of them were strawberry flavored. Boy drools and eats some. They are delicious. Girl smiles because she’s happy that he’s enjoying them.

boy says: bby I did’t no u can cook so gud
girl says: i jus wanna return favor for lettin’ me stay
boy says: aww shucks bby. think this is first time you ever cooked 4me

Girl continues to smile, but boy feels something amiss about it. Girl hands him one more poptart that’s coated with her frosty goodness.

girl says: This one is special

boy takes poptart and bites into it. the flavor and texture of it seems off, probably because it’s filled with bird feathers and moon blood. boy freaks out and throws poptart at wall. girl is in shock.

when poptart breaks apart, beautiful diamond ring pops out.

boy picks up ring and looks up to girl.

girl says: bby will u b mine 4ever?
boy says: what?
girl says: why did you kill me?
boy says: I would never

girl starts crying and runs out of house and closes door behind her. boy goes opens door and a torrent of water submerges him and his home. His house fills with water as well as the world around him. Boy gasps for air, but sees that he has no trouble breathing underwater. He looks at his body and see that it’s being decomposed. He looks down and see that the current tore open a huge hole in the floor beneath him. A flashing light can be seen below. He looks down into the hole and sees a well lit room. Water should be pouring down the hole he’s looking into, but it’s not. The room under the hole looks completely dry. Boy quickly swims to it as flesh begins to rip off his body. His bone start to reveal just as makes it to the hole. Out of the hole, he falls down to the floor of this new room. His looks like normal again. In center of room is beautiful diamond ring.

Boy puts on ring and see water repel around him as if it were avoiding the ring.

Boy can see photos on the walls around him, but they’re obscured with watery barriers encasing the walls. Boy approaches wall and water moves away from the wall in reaction to his ring. He looks at the photos of him tying girl up to a bed. The photos look like stills taken from a feed off a hidden camera. In other photos boy is forcing himself onto her. Girl is gagged and beaten.

Boy hears childish giggling and mechanical clanking behind him. It’s the caged creatures from before. They try to reach boy, but they’re repelled from boy’s ring. Boy uses this to advantage and contours room to find an exit. More photos reveal, showing girl in hospital bed. Others show her recovery process after being tortured and beaten.

Boy finds a passage way blocked by 3 mannequins. One is dressed like boy, one like girl, and other is of girl’s boyfriend. Knocking them over he heads down the long corridor with a ceiling made of water.

Boy runs down corridor and sees a metal contraption floating in the water above him. A woman’s body can be seen tied to it as it swims in front of him. It splashes out of the water and lands before him. She was trapped inside a bed frame. Boy looks at her, but steps when he sees that her skin is bright pink as if exposed to scolding water. She turns to boy with her faceless head. Her hair is styled like girl. She gets up, revealing her impossibly skinny body.

Another splash lands behind him. Another broken bed frame. Another faceless girl. Both naked and not in a fun way.

These girls don’t seem affected by the ring so he heads forward, trying to out run them. The girls chase after him with a spasm with each step. Despite their frail looks, they run fast enough to catch up to boy. One girl tackles boy to ground and starts thrusting his body with her pelvis. More bed frames fall from the ceiling, revealing more of these girls. Another girl pulls the girl off of boy so she can start humping him. The girls fight over having fun with his vulnerable body. The boy gets sicker with each thrust. Girls become frustrated having to fight for him so they hump whatever body part of his they have room for.

Boy is completely covered and too weak to move.

The water above the boy starts to evaporate, revealing a red evening sky. The wallpaper of the corridors burn off and the girls’ bodies become rigid and brittle as if they have been dehydrated. The world becomes dry and hot. Desperately, the girls try to reach for any remaining water before it evaporates. Their skin begins to flake. One of the girl’s comes to a halt when a long blade pierces through her body from above. In the sky is a floating woman whose head is a series of fleshly spirals. Her nude body is on fire. She retracts the long blade into her metal gauntlets and descends to the ground. The girls try to run from her, but she points her fist them and repeatedly retracts and extends the long blades from her gauntlets to pierce each one.

Once each girl has been killed. She takes a step toward boy, leaving a trail of fire behind her.

Woman grabs boy by arm and lifts him off ground with one hand. Timer on his arm decreases at an alarming rate. When the woman is done with him, she hurls him to ground and walks away. On her back, boy can see her timer…. a longer series of 9’s line on her back. She has taken time from him. Boy watches as flames continue to consume the ground beneath her feet. Woman comes to a halt and looks back at boy as if she forgot something. The metal on her gauntlets transform into shiny silver tentacles. She runs to him and the tentacles entangle boy. Metal from her gauntlets move like liquid around her body. The remaining metal form a brace on her groin. From her groin protrudes a sharp phallus. The tentacles tie boy’s hands behind his back and spread his legs open inviting her into him. She takes her sharp phallus and thrust it in between boy’s legs.

boy anticipates a humping motion, but woman just tugs it in him and looks down on him while her hands caress his inner thighs.

boy hangs in tentacles as bleeds profusely through butt. he feels his life drain out of him. woman takes off boy’s ring with tentacle and hurls it into distance. woman enlarges her metal inside him. Boy can feel it reaching for his intestines. He looks down on his stomach and see the blood poking just underneath his belly. it pierces outward from his stomach. suddenly, it retracts as well as the tentacles that bond him. A large pair of gardening sheers cut at woman’s neck, decapitating her. Her head falls and so does the boy. the metal shrinks back into her gauntlets. The caged creature girl from before reveals herself behind the woman’s dying body. She smiles at boy who is too much in shock to give any reaction. She lowers her head to boy and vomits a black liquid all over his body. Boy feels his lifeforce come back to him. his wounds heal and he no longer feels sick. The blackness has restored him to former glory. boy gets up and and caged creature girl gives boy kiss.

rain starts to fall to put out fire around him. the rain becomes so intense that the boy can barely see anymore.

When the raining clears, boy sees that he’s back at his house. Everything looks normal. It’s 9pm, but the usual burning sensation isn’t there to remind him. Hours pass and girl returns to his home from work. Making food for 2 was starting to become an enjoyable routine for him. The friends enjoy each other’s company. Girl gets phonecall and sets it speaker. It’s boyfriend’s sister.

She tells girl that her boyfriend dead. He had a heart attack while driving which caused him to crash off a bridge and into a river.

Girl covers her face with her hands and begins crying. She says she’ll help out in any way she can. The phonecall ends and girl removes her hands from her face. She wasn’t crying. She was trying to maintain her laughter.

Boy says: that’s not the usual response for someone who just learned that their lover died

girl says: it was a dying relationship. we broke up so many times and I allowed myself to be foolish enough to take him back. he tried to take complete control of my life. He never let me see my friends unless he was around. he decided how my money was spent. Everything I did, I had to let him know everything. He kept me by his side through fear and guilt.

boy is silent. girl embraces boy and whispers into his ear

girl says: he drugged me… and raped me while I was unable to resist. I was blindfolded, but I’m sure it was him.

girl starts to laugh again

girl says:…. that’s why I killed him.

boy: you could have went to the police
girl: It doesn’t work that way
boy: why not?
girl: cause I’m a filthy slut.
boy: …
girl: I fucked you, didn’t I? huehuehuehuehue~
boy: when did he did this? People would have noticed your wounds.
girl: I worn bracelets, longsleeves, and whatever I could to hide those markings.
boy: but why tell me all this? What’s stopping me from going to the police?
girl: Because you want me.
boy: What?
girl: Don’t pretend that you didn’t want my boyfriend out of the picture. Every time I’m with you, all I see is your lust for me. You never liked anyone I dated.
boy: I would never wish death on anyone who didn’t deserve it
girl: My boyfriend deserved it
boy: …
girl: Come on…. be happy. This is what you wanted. What you think you deserve. I’m the body you’re so entitled to because you always seem to show up when I’m in need.

Girl lays boy down on couch and removes his shirt.

girl: make love to me. Fuck me like you always wanted. Fuck me like the whore I am.

girl takes her shirt and throws piles it on floor along with boy’s shirt. Boy is held down while girl takes off her pants and underwear. Boy tries to resist her as she removes his pants. She gets down on all fours and taunts him to pound her from behind. Boy who is now free stands and looks down on her nude back. his mouth falls agape when he sees a timer etched on her back.

a long series of 9’s… just like the woman with the gauntlets.

girl says: come on… do it!
boy says: no

girl gets up and grabs boy by neck and shoves him on the floor. She runs upstairs to get one of her duffel bags. When she returns to the boy, she opens it up and pulls out a pair of handcuffs which she quickly uses on him. She kicks him down when he tries to run away and holds his ankles together with plastic tie locks.

boy curses at girl and girl goes up to him and nibbles on his ear.

girl says: I want to hear you scream tonight

she takes a hard bite on her ear and heads back to her bag. She pulls out a strap on and straps it on.

boy begs her not to.

girl says: timer on your arm. how much left

boy says: 3 days

girl says: then that’s how I will have to keep you to make sure you’re quiet

girl approaches boy and spreads his butt cheek, but backs off

girl says: Silly me… I forgot the lube

girl reaches into bag and pulls out lemon flavored lube

Girl enters boy. Girl positions boy so his face is muffled against her pile of clothes on the floor. She keeps a steady pace while angrily moaning in pleasure. Her pace increases and her moaning becomes more rapid. She lets out a spastic moan and stops. She removes herself from him and uses her foot to turn him off.

girl says: Can’t believe this got you hard. Are you gay?
boy says: Fuck you

girl removes strap on and tosses it on floor. girl places hand on boy and gives him fastest stroking he has ever felt in all of his life.

girl says: Remember how we were young and I used to this to you ?

boy starts moaning in pain and pleasure. girl increases her pace in an impossible speed

boy says: It’s burning! stop

girl says: I’m only returning the favor since you’re such a nice guy.

boy can feel a singeing heat down below. boy finishes

girl says: you never did warn me

girl takes her foot and tilts boy to his side. boy too much in pain to say anything. girl takes out cigarette and sits on couch. she makes a gesture with her fingers and a glint of fire comes out her finger tips. she uses this fire to light her cigarette and the fire is gone.

girl says: My boyfriend wasn’t my first kill. You know about how my mom died of a heart attack?

boy continues to look away from her

girl says: It wasn’t an accident. My mom… she was obsessed with bird cages. Collected a bunch of them and used them as decorations for her garden. Then one spring she gets into an accident. Her face became disfigured and she lost her legs. She had prosthetic legs which she couldn’t even walk on. As a child… I was horrified of her.

girl exhales some smoke

girl says: I grew up being constantly disgusted of her. Watching her piss and shit herself everyday. My dad was barely around so a young girl like was the one who always had to look after her. My brothers and sisters always made me clean up after her, feed her, medicate her, and bathe her. The list goes on. I hated every moment of it.

girl puts out cigarette with her tongue and places it on nearby table.

girl says: Her garden was dying. She couldn’t speak, but I saw the pain in her eyes when she saw everything she worked on turn into a rotten mess. I ruined her garden with various salts and poisons so if anyone did try to care for it, it would die anyway.

boy slowly rotates his body to face girl

girl says: One of her favorite flowers she grew contained some deadly substance. Causes severe illness and cardiac arrest… the best of it was that it couldn’t be traced. With her condition, list of medications, and age… no one would suspect that her death was the result of foul play. I killed her with her favorite flow

boy: Jesus Christ, she was your mother.
girl: she was a monster

Girl gets up from couch and unties boy. boy puts on his clothes

boy: there’s no way you’re getting away with this

girl: I was piratically a kid. If anything, they’ll blame my dad for leaving the life of his wife in the hands of a little girl.

boy: your boyfriend…

girl: He had heart problems since he was growing up.

boy: then what about me?

girl: what about you? Don’t act like you don’t deserve to be punished. You still need to repent.

A flash of fire surrounds girl and it quickly grows. The intensity of the heat burns the house down to its skeletal structure. Boy is unaffected by heat. When the fire ends, boy looks at girl.

Girl reveals herself as a nude woman with metal gauntlets. Her whole head is a series of always moving fleshy spirals. When she speaks, her voice is distorted. There’s a duality to her voice as if two people are saying the same thing at the same time. The world around them is the remains of a town that burnt down. The sky is an endless black with no moon or stars in sight. Boy looks outside of the frame of his destroyed home. Walls of flames encase them. Boys runs toward an opening in the fires. Girl ascends a few feet in air and watches him escape. Her gauntlets transform into a large silver bow. A long arrow forms her hands, its tip lights on fire, and she takes aim.

Boy looks back at her and takes a sharp turn just as she fires an arrow. She misses. Boy finds a motorcycle under some rumble, a key was left in its ignition. He runs toward it and girl fires another arrow. She misses again giving boy time to stand up the motorcycle. Boy starts the motorcycle and heads off just as girl misses another arrow. He drives down a road avoiding the falling rumbles of the destroyed city around him.

Girl lets out a scream of frustration and flies to down boy. She changes the bow back into gauntlets. He makes a quick turn and she crashes onto the road, causing a crater to form. From the crater, she runs toward him and makes a leap. She sits herself down on the motorcycle’s backseat and embraces him. The metal of the gauntlet form hooks and she attaches them to him.

Boy starts to speed at over 100mph.

Girl says: slow down!
boy says: no

girl tries to retract hooks from boy, but she can’t.

girl says: stop this thing, now!
boy says: back in high school… did you ever like me?
girl says: what? what does that have to do with anything?
boy says: Answer me
girl says: I did, but someone else asked me out before you did. Now can you stop?

The boy loses control of the motorcycle when it drives over a large rock. The two crash into a building.
The two find themselves in an old building. The roof of it is missing. Inside the building is piles of rumble and broke pieces of metal framing. The boy looks down on his body and sees the metal gauntlets still attached to his stomach, but is gone from its owner. The girl lays frail with her arms and legs caught by a series of metal bars. She hangs with with her arms and legs forcibly spread from metal piercing into her limbs. Boy unhooks gauntlets from his belly and wears them. When he does the floor around them starts to descend slowly. Metal whirling can be heard. They find that they’re on a giant lift that’s taking them down. The lift descends far down and a giant door closes above them. It’s completely dark. The boy feels a surge power flow through his body from the gauntlets. He feels nothing, but lust and rage and goes after the girl. She can hear him take off his clothes and force himself inside her. The girl screams as the boy beats her while doing it. When the boy finishes, the ride ends.

Walls spread open, revealing a nightmarish world filled with water. The sky of this world is a giant floating ocean. A large garden decorated with birdcages surround them. Plants made of flesh and flowers that look like distorted faces trail as far as the eye can see. The ground is made of water, but nothing seems to sink it to. Everything is able to stand it as if it were solid ground.

The water gives off a dim blue light. The boy looks at girl and she’s back to normal. She looks like a normal girl whose blindfolded and whose body is beaten.

Boy removes blindfold from girl.

girl says: It was you…. My boyfriend didn’t do it. Those sounds, everything I felt… it was just like before.

boy falls down on knees. his parts are drenched in her blood.

girl says: I should have killed you.
The caged creature girl from before shows up with her large gardening sheers. She walks toward girl with her prosthetic legs.

girl says: Mother….

The creature smiles at girl and places girl’s neck in-between the blades of her gardening sheers. Tear rolls down her cheek as the creature stretches her long neck to face girl. The creature’s smiles widen.

girl says: I’m not sorry…

Boy picks up gun.

Boy points gun at creature and pulls trigger. The bullet pierces through creature’s neck and body. The shock of the bullet causes the creature to collapse and drop its gardening sheers. The gun is now empty of bullets.

girl says: why would you…

boy runs up to creature and beats down on it. Girl turns her head to look boy beating down the creature. She notices that the timer on his arm decreases severely each time he hits the creature. She calls out to him in a weak voice. Boy is too focused on beating the creature to death to notice girl. The timer on his arm reaches zero and boy starts clenching his chest with his hand. He tumbles down to the ground. He’s having a heart attack.

Boy’s body starts to distort and the light around him bends and he disappears into a small void. From that small void spreads out a series of polygons. They quickly bend into shape. A large birdcage takes place of the boy. His body is enlarged and stuffed in the cage. His body is that of a snail without its shell. His long tentacle like arms break out of the cage and so does his head that extends from a long neck.

The boy picks up a large pair of gardening sheers and uses it cut away at the metal trapping the girl. With his large hands, he pulls away the metal shards that were impaling her. He opens his mouth to vomit a large amount of black liquid all over her body.

The liquid heals all of her wounds. The boy walks off to tend to the fleshy garden.

The walls close around girl and the lift brings her back up. Darkness surrounds her again. When the ride ends, the walls open up and allows vision again. She finds herself in an elevator of a hospital wearing a patient gown. The reflection of the elevator shows that the timer on her back is gone. She smiles and walks out of the elevator when it opens.
In the paper the next day, a boy goes missing after evidence pointed that he was responsible for the recent tragic death a man who died in a car accident. The boy had access to a poison that causes cardiac arrest 3 days after digestion. He had tried to make the man’s death look like the result of his poor heart condition, but this wasn’t the case when authorities were given an anonymous tip pointing out that the man was poisoned. His motive wasn’t clear, but the man’s family suspect that the boy was envious that the man was engaged to a girl he was friends with since childhood. The grieving girl and ex-finance of the man was the last known contact of the boy.

The End (X)


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