Earthquakes and Chemtrails

The other day I started thinking about conspiracies again when I heard that some people are already claiming that the earthquake in Haiti was not natural and has something to do with HAARP.  Can there be any major event in this world that people will not blame on some secret government?  There is no doubt that our government hides things from us, but there is no way to find out when the facts are hidden under a bunch of crazy conspiracy theories.

My personal favorite, probably because it deals with my profession, is the idea that Contrails are actually Chemtrails.  A toxic brew fixed up by our government to be sprayed all over the world to keep people sick and dying.  The people that believe this claim they have done years of research.  However they have obviously never picked up a book on meteorology or jet engines to get the simple and logical explanation of what contrails are and how they act.  And don’t even try to argue with them over their youtube videos.  They think anyone that disagrees and proves them wrong is working for the government.  That’s right, these people think they are so important that our tax money has to be used to hire people to go in and leave negative comments on youtube.  Its ok, the shape shifting reptiles that really control this country will take care of them.


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    Jeff is a 28 year old male living in Atlanta Georgia. Working as a pilot for a regional airline, he has made absolutely no use of his degree in interpersonal communication. When he is not spending all his time in different hotels he enjoys watching movies with his lovely wife and almost any outdoor activity they can find including fishing and Crabing. Jeff has a passion for art including ceramics and drafting. He also enjoys playing games on the PC with friends.

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