Facebook Lag

So, to introduce myself, I won’t =p

Anyhoo, does anybody else get annoyed by Facebook and its lagginess? Seems like every time someone sends me a chat message, my entire computer locks up and decides it will take its sweet time recovering. It’s not like my computer is some 1gb ram, 12 gb memory cowmachine from 1998 running Win95 like my last one >_>. My computer has 4 gb ram and 100gb memory, with a new video card, which I consider to be good enough. Obviously, what Facebook and I consider to be enough differs greatly.

Of course I hyperbolize but that’s besides the point. What are you doing Facebook?! Why must you treat me so…

Seacrest out.


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    Juan Soto enjoys reading mangas over watching animes, listening to what pleases me, majoring in Int'l Economic Policy with concentration in german, loves soccer, and plays video games for the story and not the the challenge. Yes, he is casual.

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