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In my first article I wrote a little piece on a little unknown series called Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Why I bring this up is that an awesome person on youtube that goes by the name of AntfishTAS took the OVA that I mentioned in the previous article and made an abridged series out of it spanning 10 episodes. Antfish was kind enough to let me interview him. As such I will warn that the interview contains spoilers for both his abridged series and for Jojo in general but at the least you should watch his abridge series,as not only is it funny it will help make sense of a few of the comments within.
Episode 1

Cameron Hatfield: Hello Antfish
Cameron Hatfield: First let me say it’s an honor to be able to get this interview and I thank you greatly
Cameron Hatfield: Alright now I’ll start off with some basic questions. Firstly what made you choose to do an abridged series of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure out of all the other series out there?
ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: Well the biggest reason i chose JoJo was simple, because I absolutely love the manga, I started reading it around maybe a year or 2 ago and I knew they had an anime of part 3 (Star Dust Crusaders) but I didn’t have anyway of getting the episodes, luckily my friend had the episodes in English so thanks to her I was able to abridge it
Cameron Hatfield: Now I remember in a previous interview you had with the V.A.C. they asked you about the jokes and you mentioned some of them were from hanging out with friends, and the other was random stuff like the whole fajita night joke. Now the question is how hard was it to balance the jokes between meme based jokes, story based, and pop culture based?
ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: Ya gotta realize your limits. sometimes I’ll go back at my older episodes and see that most jokes are stuff i get from real life like in episode 2 when Jotaro brings Kakyoin home, Joseph is all like, “Well I’m glad you brought food over Jotaro but i don’t feel like eating one of your class mates…again”. that was pretty much just me talking to myself and all and a lot of jokes earlier on are actually related to the manga and anime which is what I believe is what you should most likely do in abridged series, using source material and poking fun at it, “Like when Jotaro’s mom says that Jotaro was in jail for beating up local street punks” that’s mentioned in the anime, but they never mention what the thugs where like or if they where mentally handicapped. With memes, sometimes you can through in memes just for the sake of it being the internet and since not a lot of people have read or seen JJBA some of the jokes fly past them, so throwing something like, Raptor Jesus or Weegee it’ll be good for a cheap laugh, but I really try to stop doing that
Cameron Hatfield: And it shows, especially in the case of Iggy, I remember laughing so hard when he was introduced and Polneraff is the only one to hear what he says.
ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: Ya, I didn’t really have much for Iggy considering he would like end up dieing in two episodes, but I remember seeing Aqua Teens (which I’m a huge fan of) and I remembered the hand bannana episode and pretty much that whole shtick with Iggy constantly owning Polneraff kinda reminded me of that, so I figured, meh, why not make him Hand Bannana
Cameron Hatfield: And it worked beautifully. Now one of the things I’m curious is how did you ultimately decide to cast Tim Curry as Dio? Was it because the pompous attitude that seems inherently stuck in the man’s voice for his villains or was it some other factor?
ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: At first I was going to try out just mimicking the original English voice actor for Dio, but I remember then watching gargoyles or something with Tim Curry in it, and I then was like. Wow, I’ve heard that voice everywhere as a kid, it’s like the scariest sounding thing I remember, then I remembered that Tim was British, and so was Dio, so I figure hey, why not use the most evil sounding English man for the most evil British man ever. Plus that whole fabulous and pompous attitude worked perfectly for him, so i guess some would say it fit like a glove
Cameron Hatfield: Now along those lines how hard was it getting the voices for the other characters? Because I know you do pretty much all of the voices with a few exceptions. Was it all natural or was there more work put into getting them down right?
ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: Well most of them came natural to me, I’ve been doing armature voice work for roughly 8 years now and since I was a kid I would always do random cartoon voices and imitate, but no. Most of the voices came natural to me, the only problem was for Polneraff and how I wanted him to sound, I didn’t want to give him that high of an annoying french voice because I didn’t want to demean the character to much, but I guess after seeing how bitched out he gets all the time in the series it works just so well. Jotaro was pretty much easy, just me talking in a deeper more monotone voice, but since up to the final episode I was getting worried that soon he wouldn’t sound a lot like him considering that he emotes a lot more and stuff. Kakyoin I just did an Android 17/Chuck Huber impression, Avdol I just put on (attempted) to do a Nigeria accent and Joseph I tried to sound old, but make him sound like Optimus prime
Cameron Hatfield: Well lets put it this way I can’t read the comic without hearing those voices now.
ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: lol, great
Cameron Hatfield: Now what was the hardest thing about doing an abridged series? Was it the lack of time, scripting?
ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: well in the beginning it wasn’t that hard, I had thought of the jokes months in advanced, and I used to script for parody videos all the time, but once I got into college, time was a huge problem for me. I was only able to release an actual episode when I was on break so I didn’t have to worry about tests or video shoots or anything like that
Cameron Hatfield: Now you bring up the previous parody series you did. And in fact I ended up watching the “Anime AntfishFTW doesn’t watch” and you made parodies of fairly popular series like Ouran Host Club and Code Gaess. Have you actually watched those series or was it just one of those things where just hearing about it you could form up those particular scenarios, which aren’t that far off?
ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: I haven’t seen any of those series (which would explain why it’s called Anime I Don’t Watch). And ya, pretty much i just make up scenarios an play em out how I think those characters would, and it’s good to go in there without any knowledge, so you can just fuck around and play with characters as you would want to. Plus I’d sometimes ask friends of mine who are fans, for specific scenes to see if there’s anything i could use
Cameron Hatfield: So you’ve never seen those series, but are there any other series that you’ve watched/read other than Jojo that you really liked?
ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: I saw Afro Samurai, which I fuckin love, the art and animation is great (writing could be better, especially with Lucy Lu’s parts) I saw samurai 7 cause my Boy Bob Carter is in there as a good guy no less. Cromartie High, while I’m sure you can tell from episode 2, Ninja Nonsense was fun, all thanks to Shemmel, and that’ pretty much all I can think of off the bat, I don’t really watch a lot of Anime series, I’m more into OVAS and stuff
ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: oh also Michiko to Hatchin was the most recent series I saw. I loved it for the characters and setting and all that
Cameron Hatfield: I’ve actually never heard of that one I’ll have to look into it, and I would suggest Gurren Lagann as a series to watch if you haven’t already.
ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: I’ve seen and heard enough from people what happens and all, so it’s kinda pointless for me, my theory is, is that if I can’t get into it on the first day, then I’ll just not end up seeing it. Same goes with movies for me
Cameron Hatfield: Now I kinda want to backtrack a bit and go back to the Jojo abridging, specifically I remember you doing really awesome skits based off of the comic itself like when Jotaro meets with his daughter Jolyne, and the mirror world, have you ever thought about just going through and abridging the comic itself or does that seem like a project for much later?
ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: well I had fun making those, simply cause I wasn’t just doing it for me, but I was doing it for the JoJo fans, just a little something for people to go, “Hehehehe, I get it” but to abridge the comic would seem like a task, considering I’m big on animated comedy, and to just show still pictures at times would just make it seem really eerky for me
Cameron Hatfield: And believe me I do appreciate those they were awesome. And I’m sure you’ve gotten this question a lot especially after you said you weren’t “going to burn down the shop for the insurance money just yet” but what future projects are in store for the fans or is it still undecided?

ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: Well i have plans

ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: 3 plans to be exact, but i don’t want to tell people just yet, but just to let you know, if they EVER EVER make another JoJo anime, you know I’ll be all over that

Cameron Hatfield: Excellent, I wouldn’t be able to see anyone else try.

Cameron Hatfield: You also mentioned that you do amature voice work, and in fact I browsed your website which shows all of the roles you’ve gotten/had, what got you into voice acting. What made you go “this is the job for me” because voice acting doesn’t exactly seem like someone just decides to do on a whim.

ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: Well since I was a kid I would usually voice over like those old Charlie Brown cartoons with Snoopy and Woodtock, then eventually I would keep imitating cartoon voices, then when I was in the seventh grade I got a computer microphone and I would do voice overs with random characters, then eventually I got inspired to do dubs after seeing, I’m the Juggernaut Bitch. then as I kept going, I found out people get paid doing this, and this is something I love, so or the past 5 years I’ve been honing my skills and all that, made some Demo reels, made a professional commercial reel recently so hopefully that’ll get me some work through my agency. Also i guess it’s in my blood to for voice over cause my grand father would do announcements for horse racing

Cameron Hatfield: Awesome. You mentioned doing a cam appearance for a Kentucky convention, have you been getting more and more invites to conventions and if so will there be any particular ones you will be at?

ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: yesterday was my first one actually, and no I haven’t been invited yet or what ever for any others, some say that now that I’m in team fourstar I might be flown out with them for cons and stuff, but I doubt I’d help bring in a big enough draw

Cameron Hatfield: I knew Dadoria sounded familiar. I didn’t even make that connection until just now checking the site.

ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: lol, most people don’t

Cameron Hatfield: And I see you will be doing Ginyu and Mr. Satan which I can’t wait to see how those play out. How did you end up becoming an official part of the cast. Was it always going to happen or was it like a typical casting call that you happened to be perfect for.

ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: Well to be honest it was like a dream come true for me. I saw that Team fourstar was making a DBZ abridged and I was like, wow, some of the best abridgers are forming together to create some kind of a super team. After I saw a few episodes I was amazed and all, it was great. But how I got in, well I have to thank SamuraiKH2 for that, see we where both castin this thing called Disorganization XIII (which I doubt is still running now) and then the leader wanted to like, have a big call with everyone in the cast, and it just so happens that Takahata was in it so I was like, wow, he’s in TFS so I started talking to him and stuff, I tried to not seem like a some huge annoying fan, because I know how people feel about that. So I just played it cool and stuff and eventually showed him my stuff. He really liked it and said that he to wanted to be a voice actor so we started talking and eventually he introduced me to kaiser, than Masako, then Lani then eventually all the rest of the guys. Kaiser even let me play Bison in that Street Fighter animation thing he edited then eventually they saw I had talent, and they let me in the team

Cameron Hatfield: Cool, I only have a couple of questions left, so from a voice actor perspective, are there any particular voice actors that you like to listen to, draw inspiration from or in general like to use as a sort of base line for new voices.

ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: John Dimaggio. Forever and always, he’s my biggest inspiration, and actually yesterday, I listened to Rob Paulsen’s Animation demo reel cause I like to make Same Voice Actor templates on my facebook account. there’s also veterans like Jeff Bennett, Jim Cummings, Jess Harnell and Clancy Brown and of course people like Cristina Vee, Michale Soulasod (hope I’m spelling that right) and M.C. Cristian Heywood are big inspirations for me considering they’re so young and thy got into the business at the age, really makes the up and comers more and more hunger to get into the business. Also for me being in Toronto, a place where most voice actors aren’t that known, I gotta say one of my favorites is Bill Colgate, he played the butler in power stone and the fat old guy in Bey blade. He also played Unclelouie I believe in the pilot episode of Fugetaboutit

Cameron Hatfield: Nice choices


Cameron Hatfield: Now with your experience abridging, are there any abridgers/abridged series that you’ve seen that show potential? And this is of course excluding things like team four star, littlekuribo’s yu gi oh abridged and berserk abridged, as specifically series that aren’t as well known abridging wise that you feel Are going in the right direction and should be getting more attention than they currently are?

ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: Teh_exorcists D.greyman abridged will forever be one of the funniest abridged series I’ve ever seen, honestly I don’t understand how it’s not getting more subscribers than it has, it’s just like, one of the best, and I recommend EVERYONE who’s into D.Greyman to see it

Cameron Hatfield: You know what I never knew someone was even abridging that series, I’m going to have to go watch that.

ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: You should man, it’s like watching a youtube poop, SOOOOOOOOOO much randomness

Cameron Hatfield: I definitely will

Cameron Hatfield: Now for my final question, whats is in the future for you other than abridging, and have you gotten any bigger voice work outside of the internet community.

ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: For now I’m just gonna relax, get a job for the summer so i can buy a new comp, then just focus on school and HOPEFULLY I’ll be called in for auditions

Cameron Hatfield: Cool, any closing statements?

>ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: Um, just keep checkin up on my account, even though jojo is done, I’m still planning on doing other stuff

Cameron Hatfield: Alright I definitely will.

ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: Awesome

Cameron Hatfield: Again thank you for this opportunity to interview you and I wish you luck on your career, and life.
ДЙŦҒĬŞĦ: Thanks, you to man

You can find Antfish’s youtube page here and his voice acting site here

I would also suggest checking out all the side videos he has as they might not add story wise the humor in them in just perfect.


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