Plane Crash Suspect’s Online Manifesto

Most people heard about the plane crash in Austin TX. that happened on February 18th. What many people don’t know and what I haven’t seen covered a lot on the news in television (then again I don’t watch it much) is that this crash was a terrorist attack on the IRS. It seems like tiger wood’s public apology has kind of overshadowed this on the news.

I have posted the whole manifesto below but if you don’t want to read it here is the short of it. Joseph Stack had the typical American Dream, he was as software engineer who started his own business in california. He paid his taxes like anyone else would, and after the recession he started getting hard up for work so he moved to texas. There he had just as hard of a time finding work and went a whole year with making little to nothing. He figured since he hardly made any money the whole year perhaps he wouldn’t owe any taxes, he was wrong he ended up owing $10,000 in taxes meanwhile his business was facing bankruptcy and huge corporations were getting hand-outs from the government. Joseph Stack decided he had, enough and decided to fly his plane into an IRS building. Joseph stack was standing up for a right everyone in the U.S should have, no taxation without representation, he was tired of a corrupt government who takes money from the poor and gives it to the rich, and then does not even represent the ideas of the people it’s taxing it it’s decision making process.

If you want to read the whole manifesto, it’s posted below courtesy of the smoking gun, The FBI requested that the ISP took down Joseph Stack’s site where he posted the manifesto originally, but you can see a screenshot of it here.

Plane Crash Suspect’s Online Diatribe

Posting rages at IRS, claims, “I have had all I can stand”


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