Pokeweird: Lt. Surge pt 1

So a while back I was lucky enough to hear someone’s theory on Pokemon concerning Lt. Surge, the lack of adults in the Pokeworld, the amount of lone children wandering the Pokeworld, the barriers around Pallet Town, the trench-like nature of the ridges and when I read this story just now, it all came back to me and it all makes horrible sense. Again, I did not write this, I wish I had the amazing imagination and writing skill it takes to create this beautiful story. This is not so much a creepypasta as it is mind-opening if you consider the above facts, and no this is not canon. I’m sure I posted those theories here a while back. Enjoy.

The wake of the ocean swayed their landing craft, flotsam spraying over the sides and landing on Lt. Surge’s Raichu with a series of faint sizzling noises. There were eight of them in the craft, Pokemon not included. Phillips, a private, Keboldt, a private first-class, Lt. Surge, their CO, and five green soldiers with weak Pokemon in tow.
“Headquarters said Olivine was weakened by Charizard firebombing, right,” Phillips asked nervously, fingering the crucifix on his dog tags.
“Yeah, they did say that. We should be fine. Pushovers,” Lt. Surge reassured the private. He leaned over to Keboldt and mumbled in his ear, “What HQ didn’t mention is that Olivine saw the attack coming. Hyper beams, solar beams, and every other type of fucking beam left us at eighty-percent losses. A beach landing was a last-resort effort. We’ll be lucky if ten-percent make it out.”
“Jesus, we’re headed into a fucking meat-grinder, aren’t we? Ten-percent…” Keboldt trailed off and checked his rifle’s action.
Lt. Surge chambered a round into his SMG and clicked the saftey off. His stomach was all butterflies. He was a seasoned veteran, having fought in the bloody Mt. Silver conflict, but he never had butterflies before. Samantha, his Raichu, looked up at him with a careful gaze that seemed to ask, “We’re going to be OK, aren’t we?” He broke her gaze and stared ahead at the craft’s fortified door.
“Five minutes, folks,” the pilot screamed over the engine. “Smoke ’em if you got ’em,” he touched the craft’s computer and set it to auto-pilot, slamming a magazine into his SMG and tightening the straps on his Machoke’s body armor. Several of the soldiers shook smelly war-time cigarettes out of crumpled packs donning faded Clefables. One pulled a joint out of his helmet’s strapping and lit up. Normally, Surge wouldn’t allow it, but considering the circumstances he figured, “why deprive the Greenie of his last earthly comfort”. Surge turned around to face his pathetic platoon.

“Locked and loaded, safeties off. When we hit the beach, I want everyone to find cover for yourselves and your Pokemon. There’s a heavily fortified MG emplacement to the East, and a hunnert-fifty infantry with assorted Pokemon to the West. Space yourselves out, don’t conserve ammo but don’t waste it, and don’t stick your head out of cover. Arceus be with us.” A soldier threw up on his bemused-looking Raticate.
“Thirty seconds! Thirty seconds!”
Phillips crossed himself, Keboldt checked his rifle’s action again, wiped the sea mist off the scope. Surge crouched and looked at Samantha face-to-face. She hugged him, sending a mild electric shock through his body.
The craft lurched forward and then stopped. With a metallic groaning, the door dropped to the sand, and the Lt. screamed to go, go, move to cover. The soldiers spilled out of the craft onto the beach, bullets whizzing past and hitting the sand, spraying it all over. The craft’s pilot stood up and was hit in the face, knocking his helmet off and spraying the contents of his skull onto the cockpit and his terrifed-looking Machoke. The Machoke screamed in anguish and picked up his trainer and immediately thereafter was hit in the neck, his ventilated artery spraying blood all over the craft before he collapsed in the cockpit.
Surge sprinted forward and dove behind a beachhead, Sam never more than two feet behind him. Keboldt slammed into the sand next to him, bleeding from his arm.
“Fucking meat-grinder,” he swore. He tore the top off a field-dressing and put it on his arm. “What now?”
“That MG nest is tearing us to pieces, and unless we clear it, the next group on the beach is just as vulnerable as we are. What are our losses?”
“Most of the Greenies bit it. Two are fortified behind that boulder to the East, I don’t know where Phillips is, and as far as I can tell, we’re pretty much fucked,” he screamed over the chaos.

Another landing craft opened its doors, and MG fire cut two soldiers and an Electabuzz in half. The Electabuzz discharged in death, releasing a blue shock wave and electrocuted two more soldiers. The rest dove over the sides with their Pokemon. The bodies of soldiers and Pokemon ebbed in the tide. The Raticate from Surge’s craft nudged its trainer’s body, as though to wake it. His entrails were spilling out onto the sand.
“Rally who you can find, we’re flanking the MG nest,” Surge commanded. “Sam, let’s go!” He and his Raichu sprinted to the boulder two Greenies were crouched behind. Keboldt follwed.
They slid to cover behind the boulder, a string of bullets spraying sand over them and then Greenies. One of the Greenies was screaming for his mother, clutching his rifle as though it were a security blanket. The other stared off into space, detached.
“You’re coming with me. Drop your packs, we’ll need to move fast. Weapons and Pokeballs only.” Neither of them moved. Surge grabbed the screaming Greenie and put their faces together.
“Listen, motherfucker. Do what I say, or I’ll kill you for treason,” he drew his sidearm. “Die like a man.” He shoved the gun under the Greenie’s chin hard enough to make his teeth clack together.
“O-okay. Fine. I’m dead anyway.” Surge pointed the gun at the other Greenie, but he didn’t need to say anything. He dropped his pack and picked up his gun.
“Stay on me!” Surge sprinted next to Sam to a hedgerow and dove behind. The catatonic Greenie took one in the leg, bone and tissue blasted out behind him. He laid on the sand, screaming, and his Growlithe tried to get him up.

“Growlithe, come,” Surge screamed. It hesitated, looked at its trainer, but ran to Surge. He was a better trainer, and Pokemon could always tell. Surge, Keboldt, the Screamer, and their respective Pokemon moved along the hedgerow until they came to a rocky outcrop.
“Keboldt, can you get a shot?” Surge asked. The MG entrenchment was 200 yards or so off. the silhouettes of the gunners appeared for seconds at a time, illuminated by the muzzle flashes of their heavy MG’s.
“Er… let me see,” Keboldt mumbled. Surge had asked a rhetorical question. Keboldt was a crack shot; Surge had seen him take down an enemy at twice his rifle’s effective range. ‘Lucky,’ Keboldt had said with a grin, but they both knew luck had nothing to do with it. “I can get two of the gunners, but we’ll need to move back into their field of view to get the third.”
“Don’t tell me about it, just do it!” Keboldt squinted into his scope and clicked the saftey of his rifle off. Surge’s eyes switched between him and the entrenchment.
Keboldt squeezed the trigger, and Surge saw one of the gunner’s heads pop like a grape under a bootheel.
“Heh,” Keboldt chuckled. “That’s another notch.”

“Gloat later, asshole, our men are dying.” Surge slapped the back of Keboldt’s head. He surveyed the beach as Keboldt once again took aim. There were a dozen more landing craft that had unloaded, and another three dozen in the tide. One of the landed craft had been hit by a rocket or a fire blast attack, and charred bodies of Pokemon and soldiers lay around it. A Chansey was moving alongside a medic, trying to heal the soldiers that could be saved with Softboiled. A Golem was trudging up the beach, two soldiers behind it, taking potshots at the MG emplacement. Bullets panged off its armored body. “Good idea,” Surge thought. The ground was littered with dead and dying soldiers, and some of the corpses’ companion Pokemon hadn’t left their sides. A Hypno was shreiking, on fire. A soldier tackled it and tried to muffle the flames with his soaking jacket, when a mortar round hit them both square on, tossing up a cloud of sand and pink mist. Surge flinched at the report of Keboldt’s rifle.
“Got that sumbitch. We’ll need to move to get the third, you want to?”
“No. Shoot the MG’s. Put them out of commission. Him and me are moving up to take the emplacement,” he gestured at the Screamer. “When I pop green smoke, stop shooting and move back to the beach to dig in for the infantry to the west. Talk to someone and radio in air-support. Charizards, Dragonites, bring in fucking Pidgeottos if you can get them.”
“Can do, Lt. Arceus with you.” Keboldt took aim and shot at one of the MG’s, twisting steel and bronze and lead into the feeding slot and knocking the MG off its stand.

Surge and the Screamer moved up towards the bunker, which was open with sandbagged sides. One of Keboldt’s marks was hanging off the side, and one of the MG’s was still firing in short bursts.
“What’s your name,” Surge asked the Screamer.
“Kelley, sir. Zach Kelley. A-and I’m sorry abo-” Surge cut him off.
“Apologize later, Kelley. We gotta do this. Let your Pokemon out of its ball.” Surge gave Sam a Goldberry and rubbed her head, electricity coursing through them. He tossed the Growlithe one, too, hoping to earn its trust. Kelley took an Ultra-ball off his belt and opened it, a Pinsir materializing before their eyes. It looked scared; it probably had no idea what was going on. “Pinsir, wow. Tell him to knock the sandbags over, and as soon as he does, we’re going in. Get ready.”
Pinsir braced itself against the sandbags and pushed, causing them to topple over. Surge and Kelley ran over them, screaming. The Machine-gunner and his spotter, and three soldiers firing rifles turned to them with looks of surprise on their faces. Surge opened fire with his SMG, spraying the gunner and his spotter. The spotter’s head turned with the impact of a bullet, and when he fell, Surge could see the left side of his jaw and cheekbone had been blown away.
The soldiers raised their rifles to fire, and Kelley screamed, “Pinsir! Vicegrip!”. The Pinsir lept forward, picking up one of the soldiers in his pincers. The soldier screamed, and his rifle discharged. His scream dwindled into a gurgling noise, blood pouring out of his mouth. Surge could hear his bones breaking like dry pasta.
One of the other soldiers took aim at Pinsir and fired, and the bullet took a large chunk out of its side. It dropped the dead soldier and staggered.

“Pinsir! Fury swipes!” Kelley screamed. The Pinsir turned and swiped with a dying ferocity at the soldier. The soldier’s stomach opened and its contents spilled on the floor in a steaming heap. He fell and screamed, trying to gather his entrails back into his splayed gullet.
“Sam! Thunder wave!” Sam ran forward and jumped, and zapped the remaining soldier, who shook as though having a seizure. He fell to the ground and stayed there.
“You motherfucker, you motherfucker…” Kelley trailed off, cradling his Pinsir, crying. It looked up at him in a serene way, and a lifeless veil fell over its eyes. Kelley placed Pinsir gingerly on the ground and stood, un-holstering his sidearm. The dying soldier was clinging to life, his screams having turned into ragged breathing. Kelley walked over to the soldier, shoved his sidearm under his chin, and asked him, “What is your Pokemon’s name?”
“Wha-” Kelley screamed.
“What’s your Pokemon’s NAME?” Kelley was hysterical. Surge watched. He nudged Sam to get behind him
“Lee. It’s a… Machop.” The soldier was breathing heavily, obviously in his last throes of life. Kelley took the soldier’s Pokeball off his belt, and let Machop out. The Machop, seeing its dying trainer, rushed over to him and tried to help him to his feet. Kelley walked up behind it. “Lee?” He asked. The Machop turned, and Kelley raised his sidearm.

“No, p-please, he’s m-” Kelley fired his pistol. Bone fragments and brain matter sprayed onto the soldier’s face. The Machop fell to the ground in a pool of spreading blood. The floor was slick with it. Kelley stood over the soldier and fired his sidearm once. Twice. He emptied the magazine and tossed the gun into the dead soldier. Surge turned away from him.
Surge pulled a smoke grenade off his belt and pulled the pin. He placed it on one of the spilled sandbags, and green smoke started to pour out. “Come, on, Sam. We should get to the beach and help clear off the dead. Kelley?” Surge turned. Kelley was cutting an ear off the dead soldier. Surge said nothing. He turned and looked out to the beach.Some of the soldiers who were still alive were cheering and discharging their weapons into the air. A trainer commanded his Charmander to use ember on a pile of brush, and a dozen or so soldiers quickly gathered around it. Dead Pokemon and soldiers lay on the beach, and crews were already in motion to clean them up. Surge saw a Krabby feeding on a dead body in the tide. A flock of Spearow flew overhead, probably contemplating the meal sprawled on the beach.
The battle was won, with fewer casualties than Surge had expected. Spirits appeared to be high, which was good, considering the infantry to the West would be on the beach before dawn. Surge turned to the paralyzed soldier and hoisted him onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. “Kelley? Let’s go.”
They started down to the beach, Pokemon in tow.

I really hope Anon will create part 2 and I will be able to catch it so I can post it here for you guys. Also, sorry I don’t post so often I just haven’t caught anything I think is worthy of being archived here.

P.S. OP pointed towards this being a possibility in the next installation, featuring the infantry battle:

Saving Private Oak?
Maybe some of the Elite 4 were involved in the war? Like Bruno, or Lance even? Lance is young enough to have been a private I think. Hell, Agatha could’ve been a long-range combat specialist with her psychic pokemon…

Seacrest out.


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    4 Responses to “Pokeweird: Lt. Surge pt 1”
    1. avatar North says:

      I left the Saving Private Oak comment that OP hinted was like what the next chapter would be like.
      I CAN’T WAIT.

    2. avatar rambochu says:

      great story, though the terrible troll/geek in me continues to rant and rage about moves like…thunder, which drops a lightning bolt down from the sky. or surf, which causes the area to flood. tell me you couldn’t just have a seriously lethal, seriously tactical battle using water pokemon to swamp the area before engaging, or having that raichu just drop a thunder onto the people shooting. that too…as far as i can tell, the pokemon universe has no guns.

      anyway, now that that’s done, i have to agree- can’t wait for the next one 😀

    3. avatar Juan says:

      It could just be that since it was such a horrible war, the regions created a treaty to get rid of all guns afterwards. And the reason they didn’t use such incredibly destructive moves was another treaty before this war, no mass area damage moves are allowed or something like that? I’m sure it could easily be explained, I just can’t lol

    4. avatar Id says:

      As geeky as I am going to sound there was in fact a gun in the original series. If you remember watching the show on WB then you remember ash suddenly getting a crapton of Taros from nowhere. What had happened was that 4kids decided not to air that episode because in that episode ash ended up getting threatened by a gun, mistaken as a poacher. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rr17DiM2sZY 1:20 explains it.

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