Pokeweird: The Disease


It’s been an interesting few months, to say the least. Now that I’ve found refuge in an old cabin outside Viridian city, or what’s left of it, I’ve decided to record my experiences of this disaster. Who knows, maybe someone might hear it in the future. My name’s Steven Carson, and I was a Gym trainer back on Cinnabar Island. You might be able to hear the light hum of my pokemon behind me, that’s Magnum, my Magneton. I found him about three years ago drifting around the ruins of Cinnabar mansion, from the look of things I’d say he belonged to one of the scientists who worked there. It would explain why he was particularly hard to capture. Well trained, strong, but no match for the Combusken I had at the time. Combusken evolved since then, and he’s out watching the perimeter as I speak. I remember the day he hatched, a gift to me from my cousin in Hoenn, Flannery. I still remember the smile on Blaine’s face when I told him I was naming that Torchic after him. A smile I’ll never see again, I’m afraid. Blaine was… one of the earlier victims of whatever affliction the world has come down with now.

I remember it to this day, running, looking back to see the look of horror on his face as his own Magmar bit down on his arm. A look that comes fresh in my mind every time I call my Blaziken over. He was a good man, Blaine; intelligent, funny, a damn good Gym leader too. When I took refuge in the hills surrounding the volcano all I could think about was finding whoever was responsible for whatever had happened to his pokemon. Of course I never got my chance, the whole damn thing was a… freak of nature. Mutated pokérus or so the media said. I don’t know where it started, somewhere in Johto I think, but it travelled fast. This… virus, whatever it is, it changed pokemon. Got into their minds, made them sick. I watched it happen, I was in the pokemon centre as I watched my own Torkoal succumb to it. Another gift from Flannery, she was always too generous, wanted me to follow in her footsteps. Torkoal didn’t live long, I barely got to know it. It was bitten by a Rattata when we were training in the mansion, of course the little rat paid the price of biting a fire type, but the damage it dealt was enough. I was by its side when I watched Torkoal close its eyes for the last time, and breathe its final breath.

This was happening all over the country, there were stories flooding the news of wild pokemon behaving erratically, biting and scratching until they couldn’t continue. Then the sickness began, trainers rushing centres in the hundreds complaining of their pokemon collapsing. They all died, one by one. I don’t think I heard a single story of a pokemon surviving just a scratch from the infected. The problem was… they didn’t stay dead.
I saw it first hand, I was still grieving over Torkoal, I sat there for hours beside its bed just staring. Nobody asked me to move on or anything despite the commotion, Cinnabar was pretty quiet in the beginning. It was after about 4 hours I noticed it, a little twitch in its front leg. Naturally I was scared shitless, the nurse pronounced him dead ages ago, his shell was cold, but he moved. Surely enough, he got to his feet, just like all the others. I didn’t know what to expect, I was conflicted, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but then I noticed he wasn’t breathing. This was when I got scared. I didn’t have time to make a decision though, before I could do anything he leaped at me. Being nearly solid rock at this point made him pretty slow, so I could dodge him easily. I called for the nurses, I released Blaine from his poké ball, and I watched him. Overwhelmed as I was, I still knew this was not the pokemon I had watched die before me, this was something else. This virus had taken over him and replaced the friend that I knew. As heartbreaking as it was, I still knew what I had to do, and so did Blaine. I stepped away as I heard rock crumbling into dust from a series of kicks, which I could tell were not delivered with the same passion I knew of my Blaziken. A smart species of pokemon, I knew, and one as equally troubled as I was.

I don’t know why, but I felt compelled to get out of that centre as soon as I could. I walked from the back room out to see one of the nurses being cornered by a Staryu, the normally bright core in its centre as black as the night sky. I recalled Blaine and sent out Magnum, who dealt with it quickly. Being ordered to kill wasn’t something my pokemon were used to, but they caught on quickly that this all wasn’t right. It was a good thing we left when we did, turns out someone in that centre had been bitten, and it was that point we found out that it wasn’t just pokemon being affected by this disease. From there on it was total chaos. People started panicking, order broke down and it was every man for himself. Before the communication lines went down I found out that Saffron City was the worst hit, with some of the original infected coming in over the Magnet Train from Goldenrod. The military had been throwing everything they had at it, but from what I can tell there were bigger problems elsewhere. I heard the Elite Four themselves were dispatched to Cerulean to deal with something in the cave there. Hell if I know what it was, but I do know there’s some powerful shit in there. Flannery told me that Hoenn had been hit too, probably a ship from Olivine causing trouble in Slateport. I didn’t get another chance to talk to her after that. I hope she’s still alright. When… if this ends, I’ll probably try to head for Fallarbor town. My brother Terry should still be there, in dad’s old house. No idea where dad is, he went travelling with his Salamence after my mother left.

God, where was I. Right. Anyway, after the shit hit the fan on Cinnabar, I decided it would be best to get moving. I grabbed whatever supplies I could carry and headed to the pier up north. Knowing my luck there wasn’t a boat that I could see for miles. Being a Gym recruit I was more trained in the handling of fire type pokemon, I knew nothing about water types. I wouldn’t want to surf in those waters anyway, who knows what might have been bitten down there. It was pretty unorthodox but I decided that Magnum was my best option. I let him out, pointed across the sea towards pallet town, and grabbed hold of 2 of his magnets. “Magnet rise” I said, and he took off. It was about 20 minutes into our flight that I noticed the strain this was having on him, not to mention my arms from holding on with a backpack full of food and tools. He set me down on a sandbar about halfway there and I let Blaine out for a bit of lunch.

We didn’t hear it at first, probably over the noise of us eating, but the wailing noise eventually grew, and Blaine pointed it out to me. There was a wild Lapras about 50 feet from our little island, being attacked by a Tentacool. I recognised the look in the Tentacool’s eyes, it was far from alive. Magnum had rested up a bit so I sent it out to deal with the Lapras’ attacker. A thunderbolt later and it returned with what I could only guess was a satisfied look in its eyes, all three of them. Our good deed for the day didn’t go unrewarded though, and the frightened Lapras swam over to us, seemingly looking like it trusted us more than a sea full of zombies. I had never been good with water types, didn’t like the slimy things much, but I wasn’t going to say no to another partner on this expedition for survival. I fed it some berries from my pack, to Blaine’s disapproval, and it gladly carried us the rest of the way to the shores of Pallet town. Magnum proved continually useful on the way, as that Tentacool wasn’t the only one looking for a way to spread its infection.

I climbed onto the pier at the south of the Pallet town shipyard and returned Magnum to his poké ball. I was looking at the Lapras wondering how it would take being captured without a fight, but it seemed to want to stay with me. I grabbed an empty ball from my belt, tapped the button to make it expand to full size, and gazed in shock as a massive shadow appeared in the water behind the Lapras. Before I could do so much as shout, the biggest goddamn Gyarados I’d ever seen broke through the water’s surface and clamped down hard on the kind Lapras that had brought us here. The noise of its fangs cracking right through the poor thing’s shell is another mental scar I’ll be left with for some time I’d say. Making a friend and losing it all in one day to a zombie sea snake that’s bigger than your house. Great way to celebrate my 22nd birthday.

What’s up, Blaine, anything outside? … Uh huh, okay, rest up. Magnum will keep watch for the rest of the night. I don’t think I’m sleeping anyway.

I don’t know how much human speech these guys understand, but I’m sure I taught them a few new swears on the way through Pallet town. All things considered, the place was pretty deserted. I found this strange, given the number of pokemon kept at Oak’s lab. Oh, right, he retired a few years ago. I keep forgetting, haven’t been to Pallet in ages. I wonder if his grandson is still the Viridian Gym leader. Anyway, I decided to check out Oak’s old lab first. Even if there was nobody there, I figured there would at least be more food. I didn’t grab as much as I thought when I left Cinnabar. I also thought to leave Blaine out of his ball from this point on, figuring that the couple of seconds it would take me to bring him out in a crisis could be the difference between life and death. I had no idea how right I was going to be.

We made our way up the steep mountain path leading to Oak’s hilltop lab, Blaine skipping ahead and checking back to make sure I was still there every now and then. When we got there, we found the door had been smashed in -bad sign- and that it was totally dark inside. Blaine ignited his wrists for a bit of light and we proceeded inside. The whole thing was… troubling, but quiet. Looked like a fight went on, smashed furniture, sparking equipment, battered doors. As unsettling as it was, at least is was quiet. This gave me a chance to let Magnum out. He’d been running hot for some time and he needed to recharge. I’ve got no idea how a Magneton’s internal systems work but they seem to like electricity, and luckily Oak’s lab had a private flywheel generator.
I let Magnum fix himself up in the generator room down in the basement while Blaine and I continued to look around up above. I was going through their fridge at the time when I heard it, well, felt it first actually. The vibrations. It seemed to come from all around at first but the intensity grew and Blaine pointed out the location. A slice of ham in my mouth, I looked out the front window to see an Onix slowly climbing the side of the hill, and I realised why. I’d left the damn lights on. Onix aren’t the kind of thing you’d usually see around Pallet town, and I knew damn well why it was here. I knew we’d need to work quickly on this one, so I dug around my bag and pulled out a light blue scarf.

A choice scarf, they called it, something the psychics in Saffron had come up with. I tossed it to Blaine and he wrapped it around his neck. I’m not really sure how it worked exactly, but it clouded his judgement. Made him focus on a single one of his abilities once he used them, but really stimulated his focus. Made him faster than anything I’d ever seen. Before he had a chance to admire his battle affecting new ensemble a giant stone tail smashed its way through the front window, as we took our position in the kitchen near the back. I figured Magnum wouldn’t do much good here so I left him to charge up downstairs.
We waited for our chance to strike, taking cover in the slowly disintegrating laboratory as the Onix smashed its way in. It was when it jammed its head in the door that I saw it up close, a deep bite mark beside its left eye. Must have come from something big, maybe another Onix, because it chipped right through its tough stone-like skin, exposing the soft flesh underneath. Pretty gruesome. The eyes were dull and lifeless, and its movements were slow and jutting. A low pitched roar came from deep down in the Onix’ throat, and I nodded for Blaine to take action. He leaped like a red-orange blur straight for the creature’s face, “SUPERPOWER”, I yelled, and stared on as Blaine sunk his fists and feet deep into the Onix’ fragile skull, beating it lifeless without letting himself take so much as a scratch from its tough hide.

It was a scene straight out of a horror movie alright, but I couldn’t help but feel proud I’d raised such a strong Blaziken, one who trusted in me to know how best to keep us both alive, and… dang this thing’s battery is running low. Hang on I think there’s a spare one in the other room.

What’s going on Magnum?

Blaine, wake up, listen.

Flare blitz, now! Don’t let them touch you! Magnum give me a barrier over here, FORGET THAT, FLASH CANNON BEHIND YOU!

So I was lucky enough to catch another Pokemon creepypasta thread on /tr/ someone posted this. Some anon said this was created when /tr/ first popped up but I don’t remember seeing it ever since then. I am glad someone posted it, good job comrade! I can see this becoming a legend from way back then, when this board was birthed, appearing here and there but never truly sticking, like lost silver, being spread in every 10 creepypasta thread. Well, hopefully not that many people know about this place to know it’ll be catalogued here.

Just read it. This is actually pretty damn good, I am surprised. This had me going! If only there were more, this would make a fucking awesome novel or long story. But it’s perfect in how short it is. More pokeweird pictures with stories (screencaps) are coming, by the way, whenever I get around to posting them here.

Seacrest out.

P.S. I know I’ve used these pictures before but god be damned if they aren’t totally adequate for this story.


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