Woman sues Google over walking directions

If Google told you to jump off a bridge would you do it?  Lauren Rosenberg would.  After downloading walking directions from Google, Ms. Rosenberg was hit by a car while walking at night on a busy street where there was no sidewalks.  She now has a lawsuit against Google for $100,000.

I once had Google map give me directions to cross a bridge that did not exist.  However, after carefully analyzing the different possible outcomes of driving my vehicle into the sea, I decided to find a different route of my own choosing.  It goes without saying that Google should strive to provide safe directions for pedestrians, but they do not control your actions.  Take responsibility for yourself and stop trying to find someone to blame every time something bad happens.  Help stop the spread of incompetence by pulling your head out of your ass.


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    Jeff is a 28 year old male living in Atlanta Georgia. Working as a pilot for a regional airline, he has made absolutely no use of his degree in interpersonal communication. When he is not spending all his time in different hotels he enjoys watching movies with his lovely wife and almost any outdoor activity they can find including fishing and Crabing. Jeff has a passion for art including ceramics and drafting. He also enjoys playing games on the PC with friends.

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    1. avatar Jesse says:

      Hahahahah, some people. There’s used to be directions to Europe that would tell you to swim across the Atlantic Ocean.

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