Why College Frustrates Me

To say that college causes a lot of stress in my life would be an understatement, and anything less would bring my professors to the point of slapping me. College life for a student like me consists of studying, taking tests, wallowing in self-pity, and eating Pizza Hut. I guess when you reach a certain stage of school it just becomes too monotonous for anyone to become interested, and in some ways it feels as though I’m in the eye of the storm.Georgia Tech Insignia

However, this is not what makes college so frustrating for me.

What does anger me is a potpourri of things, some random and some not, that when brought together just makes me want to run to class two hours early just do I don’t have to deal with it.


Because I live in Georgia, one of the country’s most Christian states, we get hordes of church groups who stand around and preach about God, sin, and resurrecting zombie-men. Sure, freedom of religion and speech allows these kind of groups to flourish all over the country and in some colleges, but when you’re not interested in what they have to say it becomes their agenda to make you feel like a sinning, homosexual baby-eater. Sure, according to their religion I may be going to hell, but don’t point me out in a crowd and call me a faggot. Christian groups who visit usually have a tendency to do this to those who don’t care to listen.

I’m sure many of you have experienced the groups I’ve mentioned, and I’m sure that if you felt their actions to be a bit brash you would be angry too. I am most certainly annoyed by these guys, but I never fight back when they insult me. Ignoring their yelling for about 2 minutes isn’t as bad as wasting 10 minutes or longer ridiculing their biased and hateful attitude. Some on campus find it necessary, in spite of this, to pester and embarrass the one guy under an umbrella with a Bible screaming that everyone there is going to hell. Part of me wants to break the conversation (or rather, altercation) up and call both parties out for their stupidity. But alas, I never do so, and consequently I become more annoyed.

Christians aren’t the only culprits here either. I’ve just found a religion advocated by Indian monks handing out scripture one day when walking to a class. The man who gave it to me felt sincere and was generally out for my well being, but I had to decline his invitation due to having class in two minutes (he forgot the fact that people on campus might be students). He was a peculiar individual actually, wearing a cream-colored hat and wearing an enormous coat, an acne-scarred face thrown in just for kicks. Were I in the market for a religion even his sincerity would not have swayed me, because honestly I don’t accept scriptures from people who remind me of lepers.

I guess in all, religious mumbo-jumbo coming out of the mouth of a few crazy kids does more to harm me than help.

Social Interaction (or lack thereof)

Part of me suspects this to be a property usually associated with technical institutes and really geeky establishments, so if you don’t fit into either, just skip this part or read on for some lulz.

Many nationalities are represented by Georgia Tech. Let me rephrase that, there are many Asian countries represented by Georgia Tech. I can’t walk down Skiles without hearing Korean, Mandarin (I’ve now been able to spot the difference between this and Cantonese), and various dialects of Hindi. More often than not I only hear these languages coming from a group of students of the same nationality. When I look around, everyone speaking in a different tongue is grouped with their respective ethnic classmates. If you even entertained the thought of engaging in friendly conversation with these people they would give you a scowl and ramble on. So far all of my friends are white, save for a few that aren’t, but they’ve known me since high school.

Why boast about ethnic diversity if everyone walks in groups of ethnicities? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

Georgia State University seemed to scream this out to the hills. “We’re one of the most ethnically diverse colleges in the country, nay the World!” and “Our student population consists of over X amount of countries across the World!”, yet all of those groups seem to find mingling with other ethnicities taboo or undesirable.

I don’t know, maybe this one is causing undue stress on my being, but I just can’t shake the fact that this happens everywhere.

Bus Drivers

They are hardly ever on time and always drive off despite me being 20 feet behind, signaling for them to let me on.

PRS System

It’s annoying, it’s stupid, it’s a little electronic turd that some lazy professors use when they don’t care about you and just want to make money. Never mind that wrong answers need to be explained, especially if the majority of the class gets it incorrect, just deduct points and move on! It will work itself out in the end! My god…

Well, sympathize with me or not, these things tend to make me angry and pile on more things to have about school. I’m not suggesting that college isn’t useful and necessary in today’s economy, but some of the shit you have to endure is downright ludicrous.

Kinda makes me wanna be a bus driver…


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    G.P. Burdell prefers to walk instead of taking the bus simply because waiting for 5 minutes is excruciating. A CS major at the Georgia Institute of Technology, he enjoys programming, gaming, reading, and spelunking. The Pleiades is his favorite cluster.

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