Life Hacks part 1

Monday night. Bored. Can’t sleep. What do? 4chan! Particularly this one thread on /adv/, the advice board. One thread caught my eye: ITT: We post life hacks about where we work. No idea if any of these work, but they’re nice to keep in mind just in case someone can confirm a few. Enjoy.

Bath and Body Works, you return a product saying it irritated your skin, we HAVE to accept the return.

Go to Jamba Juice and ask for “white gummi bear” its a secret flavor, also Red Gummi Bear.

Gamestop – with those bundles you can buy, you can sell the games immediately after buying them and buy something you’d rather wanna play, so bring all the games you can pick out in the bundle to the cashier and have him scan em to check which are worth the most.

You can return any used item from Gamestop no questions asked within seven days of purchasing it as long as you still have the receipt. Day 1 is the day you purchased it, and this includes used systems.

former office depot fag here
greatest scam in the world, steal photo paper. its expensive and small, and not locked at all. we take it back for store credit (i was forced by a manager to take back photo paper someone brought in in a walmart bag that we didnt sell anymore).
also, any electronics you claim you purchased in store with cash will be happily replaced by almost any electronics store (bought at office depot, slammed in car door. returned to best buy, replaced on the spot) because they send all defective items back to manufacturer and and reimbursed.

Tgtfag here.
Go to a SprTgt with a Starbux or Pizza Hut or Taco Bell or “Food Avenue.” They usually use a function that allows them to print up their ID# and password on a small piece of receipt paper. Find a cashier who uses this. When they turn away to get your order, take the tiny paper.
Go to another cash register. Use the hand scanner to scan the barcode with their ID on it. All functions are listed on the right side of the screen. Use the labeled function keys at the top of the keyboard. Find the function that opens the register (do not “request change” that will put an alert out).

Use to work at TMobile. All you gotta do is call if you go over your minutes and tell them you were not aware that you went over and they will give you up to 300 minutes for free as a credit

Returns system can be overriden for any reason
If you know someone who works there, ask them to print you an Eligible Family Member Discount Card. Gets you 10% off general merch and 30% off RadioShack brands

Seacrest out.


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