After Car Crash Man Dies Peeing On Wire.

Alright, so we’ve all seen Final Destination right? Well apparently for this Washington man it came to real life. This man gets into a car crash, survives, then dies a few minutes later because he has to pee. That’s right, he urinated on a live wire and dies.

I guess I have to say, if you take anything from this it should be…

Car Crash = Good

Urination = Death

Hold it in people.

MONTESANO, Wash. (AP) — Authorities believe a Washington man was killed by accidentally urinating on a downed power line after a car crash.

Grays Harbor County sheriff’s Deputy Dave Pimentel (PIM’-en-tel) said Monday 50-year-old Roy Messenger was not seriously hurt after he collided with a power pole Friday and called a relative to pull his car from a ditch.

However, family members found Messenger electrocuted when they arrived.

Pimentel says Messenger apparently urinated into a roadside ditch but didn’t see the live wire. The urine stream likely served as a conductor, allowing the electricity to reach his body.

Pimentel says there will be an autopsy but burn marks indicated the way the electricity traveled through Messenger’s body.



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