Google Hacked in China

Google announced on their blog that there had been some efforts to hack their gmail users accounts. The motive for the hacking was to get information from human right activist, inside and outside of China’s email. The hacks were not successful but they have made Google think twice about the business they are doing in China. They are using this event as a catalyst to stop censoring their search results in China. If the government does not want to work with them on doing this they will most likely shut down and leave China.

A lot of people are commending Google for having the integrity to make this move. However after reading a few articles on the topic I found there are a few different opinions. Apparently most people are commending Google for having more integrity than the U.S. Government does (not that that’s hard). But a few people think that it’s more of a business move than anything. Google is not as popular in China as it is here and they were not competing well in China’s market. The defense for this argument is that if Google was doing well in China and pulled out they would have to answer to some very angry share holders, because Google is a publicly held company they ultimately have to think about what the share holders want. By using the hacker attacks for their reasoning for leaving Google is cleverly turning the situation in China into positive marketing in the rest of the western world, where they are industry leaders.

What do you think is this a heroic move by Google to fight for human rights or is this just a clever business move and a marketing ploy.


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