Hope For Haiti

Celebrities are getting a lot of praise for the”Hope for Haiti”, they raised 9.2 million dollars with the telethon. I think this praise is not deserved at all. Celebrities always find ways to make disasters about them, and instead of taking out their checkbooks and writing checks for a significant amount of money, the majority of them decide they are going to have a telethon and ask the middle class Americans who are losing their jobs and struggling to make a living to send their money.

The “Hope for Haiti” telethon was good and it did raise a lot of money for relief in Haiti but don’t believe for a second that these celebrities did it because they care, they did it because it was good PR. If they really cared they would have donated a small portion of their huge fortunes immediately after the earthquake happened, instead of spending two weeks planning a telethon and letting people die in the mean time. Think about all the people who died who might not have if immediately 10 celebrities, just 10 got together and donated a million dollars each immediately.

Now there are some celebrities that have like I know Oprah donated 2 million dollars, and I commend her for that. But there are also celebrities who donate less than a percent of their money and want to be patted on the back. Madonna donated a whopping $250,000  and she acted like that was just a huge donation.  That’s like me donating a quarter and then bragging about what a great humanitarian I am.

If you want to read more about the Hope for Haiti Telethon check out this article on the examiner.  But remember that when they are criticizing the us for not sending more aid they are talking about the common middle class people who are suffering through a recession/depression at this point and are doing well just to make a living. They are criticizing you for not giving more, while they are praising the 1% of people who have most of the wealth in the US for doing a telethon.


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