Rush Limbaugh Comments on Haiti

Rush Limbaugh has made some pretty controversial comments on the situation on Haiti. Basically what he has said is that Obama is using the situation in Haiti to boost his popularity as a humanitarian and a compassionate person with minorities. He also said that everyone has already donated to the relief efforts in haiti, it’s called income taxes.

As a moderate I am kind of torn on Limbaugh’s comments. Obama is in a position where he can’t win, if he did nothing he would be a monster, if he does something he is exploiting the situation for political gain. I also feel that the United States is the only nation in the world who wile facing a depression would be sending 100 million dollars to a country and government who has proven themselves to be so corrupt. Limbaugh also mentioned this on his radio show. We have been trying to help Haiti for decades, not just our government but citizens, and it’s an endless fight because the government is so corrupt that people there will never be able to be self reliant, but there is no real tangible benefit for the US to try and go in and take control over the government there like we have in Iraq, and Afghanistan. I don’t really know how to feel about the governments donation to Haiti on one side yes, they need the help it’s a terrible situation, but at the same time Americans are facing a crisis of our own, and for some reason Obama thinks that spending money will fix that problem, even though it clearly hasn’t.

I will say this on the issue, I would much rather my income taxes go to help the relief efforts in Haiti than be given to big corporations who should have just gone out of business, but it would be even nicer if income taxes that I pay would benefit me in some way like paying for decent health care or helping with my college tuition.

This is a lose, lose situation for Obama (and trust me I don’t like the guy, didn’t even vote for him), either he is exploiting the situation for political gain or he is a monster for not helping the Haitians.

You can Watch the videos of Limbaugh’s shows below. Let me know what your opinion is. Is Obama truly a compassionate person or is he donating the money because it is the politically correct thing to do?


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    1. avatar Zach says:

      Why waste time putting thought into the things he says? He’s on the same lines as glenn beck, a fearmongering sensationalist. I guess there are some poor folks out there that live in the woods up on a hill who take the two of them seriously.

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