Read this article first.

If you support the people who left the retailer, you are either an idiot or on your way there.

I understand racism. I have been discriminated against many times, and still am! That doesn’t mean I pay any attention to it and feed the flames of ignorance and hate. I just shrug it off and laugh about that person later.

This article, however, further proves how fucking stupid people really are.

THESE PEOPLE LISTENED! They obeyed the racist voice and left. And then they have the gall to leave and complain about something so paltry. Sigh. We are taught to be tolerant of everything. Doesn’t that mean we should be tolerant of intolerance too? The way I see it is if you are tolerant of everything, even the intolerance, at some point point the intolerance will be phased out. Nobody would pay attention to the ‘racist’ idiots. If you make a big deal about one lonely racist comment then you do not understand tolerance and should not get mad. I know I’m making a big deal of this now, being intolerant of those people who are not truly tolerant. However I need to be intolerant in order to get the point across that all of the people in that article are dumb.

Ellington, of Monroe, and her friend Patricia Covington said they plan to boycott the retailer until they’re assured the issue has been addressed so it doesn’t happen again.

What the fuck?!

I’m glad I got that off of my chest.

Seacrest out.


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    2 Responses to “Racism”
    1. avatar Holli says:

      People are so sensitive, if you read the article it’s very obvious that it’s not likely an employee even made the announcement. The phones are all over the place in walmarts and they usually aren’t supervised, anyone could have walked by and done it. It’s just another example of how people over react instead of thinking logically. the fact of the matter is people by nature are not logical, they don’t think they just react.

    2. avatar Juan says:

      I agree. I hate this sensitivity. I try avoiding it whenever possible but most people are just not aware of it. I see this hypersensitivity everywhere, particularly Congress, and it makes me want to stop living sometimes.

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