Racist Asians Outraged at the MARTA yellow line

Have you ever met someone who lies all the time and doesn’t trust anyone. I am sure you have most people have. The reason people who compulsively lie don’t trust anyone is because they assume everyone lies just like they do.

MARTA recently color coded their lines to make it easier for travelers to navigate Atlanta’s fairly simple subway system. They decided to go with a fairly primary or elementary color scheme, red, yellow, green and blue. The line from The Atlanta Airport to Doraville is the yellow line. For people that aren’t from Atlanta, Doraville and Gwinnett have a large Asian community, but is not the only area that is predominately Asian in Atlanta, Clayton County has a large Asian community as well.

The naming of the new lines caused a lot of outrage from Asian-American activist in the Gwinnett / Doraville area.  A group called the “Center for pan Asian Community Services” petitioned to have the name of the line changed. MARTA has agreed to change the name of the line to the “Gold” line to appease the community that is important for their business.

Now here is where this article is going to get really controversial so stop reading if you are sensitive.

I went and took a look at the “Center for Pan Asian Community Services” website and the organization is by definition racist. The description of themselves on their website is as follows:

The Center for Pan Asian Community Services, Inc., (CPACS) is a private non-profit organization. Its mission is to create and deliver culturally competent and comprehensive social and health services to counteract problems faced by immigrants, refugees, and racial-ethnic minorities.

So basically this organization provides help to people but only if they happen to look Asian. If they are black, Hispanic, Indian or white they can not receive help from this organization. That is the definition of racism.  And this is not an isolated incident ( I am not just picking on them for the sake of it) any organization that only helps people of a certain ethnicity is a racist organization, that includes NAACP and the League of United Latin American Citizens. The point is that MARTA most likely did not mean to imply anything derogatory  by naming the Doraville line the yellow line it just happened to be the color they decided to use.

Perhaps the people who are saying that the “yellow” line was a racist statement assumed that because they think everyone is racist just like they are. In my experience the people who are the most racist are the fastest to turn racism when it’s not there.

I want to end on a strong positive note, so here it is.  If people truly want to end racism  they have to stop  making everything about race, it’s counter productive to create racism where there is none in the name of ending racism.


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    Holli Smith is the creator of The Colligere. She is a freelance web designer who resides in McDonough Georgia. She is currently attending school at the Art Institute of Atlanta to finish her Bachelors degree in interactive media design. When she does have free time she likes to read and play Katamari Forever on the Playstation 3.

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    5 Responses to “Racist Asians Outraged at the MARTA yellow line”
    1. avatar Juan says:

      -Claps- It’s nice to read this from somebody else. It’s astounding how ignorant and self-righteous people can be… -cough cough- Republican senators -cough cough-

    2. avatar John says:

      i don’t know what this had to do with republican senators, but it sure was right on…..and senators of any party are generally self-righteous and ignorant……

    3. avatar Holli says:

      I am so glad to see that there are intelligent people out there that agree with me. Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who has this perspective.

    4. avatar Juan says:

      Thanks John, you made me research filibusters, cloture motions and both parties’ histories in the last two Congressional sessions. Now what I definitively say, with minimal support from Jon Stewart, that Republicans seem to enjoy the filibuster, but I can’t tell if it’s because of the closure pay they get from doing nothing or if it’s because they have to stall for time in order to get their party together.

    5. avatar Nathan says:

      Racism won’t just dissapear if you don’t talk about race. There are structural inequalities that result in many more privileges for whites in America than blacks or latinos (just to name a few), pretending that this inequality doesn’t exist dooms us to the status quo, where at the college I am going to the black population is only 3% of the university. Just because there are organizations that are specialized to helping specific groups (i.e: NAACP, CPACS, or a host of others) does not make that organization racist. These groups often have intersections where they work together, but the reason they have a cause is because the are focused. Is AARP ablest because it only wants to help the elderly? If we wanna move beyond a society of class, does that mean I have to oppose medicaid or social security? I think you are justifying racism.

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