Freaks of Nature! (Fruits)

And you thought Siamese twins were weird? Check out these crazy looking fruits! Siamese Watermelons and Half and Half Apples! This doesn’t happen much, but when it does, well…It’s cool as hell.

In China, this has happened twice in the last few years, the most recent earlier this month when Xiong Wei, a twenty-five-year old bus driver from Wuhan in central China harvested a rare conjoined watermelon in a field near his home

That’s not even the coolest one! There’s also this Apple that split types right down the middle. Half Granny Smith, half Red Apple…2 races…working together…for a better world.

A man named Ken Morrish picked an apple off a tree in his garden and could not believe his eyes because the colors were split; one side red and the other green.

Horticulturists believe that these colorings are the result of random genetic mutations and in such rare cases, the red side is usually the sweeter one because it has been exposed to more sunshine during its growth.

Experts say that the odds of finding an apple with such a perfect line between the green and the red are more than a million to one.

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen with fruits since Queen…



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