Bad news for Iphone is good news for android

Adobe creative suite 5 was released this month and one of the selling features was the ability to export flash to an iphone app. So if you want to create a flash project but want it to work in iphone all you had to do was check a box and convert the code from actionscript (flashes coding language) to Cocoa (iphones programming language).

So how did apple respond to this? Did they praise adobe for all their efforts to get flash supported on your iphone? No, they didn’t. In response to adobe’s efforts Apple claimed that “”closed and proprietary” and said they want to “support more open standards”, which is laughable I have never seen a company besides microsoft who is so closed and proprietary. You can only run their operating system on one brand of computer, you can only buy their phone from one service network provider. Anyways Apple immediately changes their developer agreement for the iphone market to say that you can not use conversion software to create apps for their phone, if they find out you did you app doesn’t get on the market.

If you have an iphone this probably makes you pretty mad but you shouldn’t be surprised. Apple is doing this for the same reason that there is no video capability on the iphone. They want to control what media is available to you on your phone, and they do not want you putting anything on it that did not come from itunes, because they lose money.

If you are an android user this is really good news ( and if you are an iphone user you might want to consider a switch.) Adobe is going to ship the new version of flash with this capability but they will no longer support it. They plan on focusing all of their efforts on creating the same service for android. What does this mean? It means we android users will finally have access to flash on our phones. It also means that if you want to create an app for android you don’t have to run out and learn JAVA (unless you want to), if you know actionscript you can create apps for android through actionscript.

I think the thing that apple is forgetting is whether  flash is “closed and proprietary” or not the fact of the matter is that users like flash. They like playing flash games and being able to look at flash sites, but can not deal with the lack of control they have over flash so they refuse to support it. That is fine with me personally hopefully we will start to see a shift from the popularity of the iphone to the popularity of android operating systems, which is the way it should have always been.


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