Chinese Spreadtrum 9300 4.0 Root

Hello there, if you are here, that means you haven’t been able to find any reliable information  about this phone and how to root it. I can only help with rooting it and suggesting a recovery. I have not flashed it yet. If you’re looking for specifics on why and how everything works, go here. I’m only providing the bare bones of what I did, after 4 hours of ****ing around with this thing.

I’m writing this a few days after I did it all but I’m wondering if maybe everything I did was pointless. I was following instructions for rooting with DooMLord 4.0 and doing what the guy whose thread I used did. But maybe with the UnLock Root app, I didn’t need to. If that ULR app doesn’t work, then follow these steps and root using DooMLord v4. Ask questions if anythign is unclear or does not work. I thought rooting would be complicated, and it was for me, but it shouldn’t for you.


DoomLord v4 Rooter (try using Unlock Root first, then come here)

Spreadtrum Drivers (although I didn’t need to update them)

The thread that I mostly got help from

UnLock Root (the app I used to root my phone, was pretty quick)

RootChecker (to check that the root took hold, you can uninstall it right after it verifies the root)

Roms and Stuff for after the root

ClockWork Mod Recovery (there are many others, this is an arbritary choice)

Go SMS Pro (a better SMS App)

 Root App Delete ( I got ride of those stupid apps like Tallking Tom Cat, TV, Radio, the stock SMS app, sprdnotes, the stock ADV launcher, opened up like 100 mb of space on the system)

Button Savior (the soft keys at the bottom like to stop workign if I play on the SNES emulator too much so this app is a godsend and the main reason I rooted)

Desktop Visualizer (to customize the icons)

Launcher Pro (to replace the ADV or ADM launcher, whatever it was, also allows you to change the bottom row’s icons, I’m looking for a better launcher though, that offers everything for free. With this, you can’t resize things unless you pay)

SNESDroid (because)


  1. Connect your phone to the computer, go into setting-applications-development-and highlight USB debugging
  2. Set the screen timeout to 30 minutes
  3. Download ADB, install, open it on your desktop, highlight Google USB Driver and download only that.
  4. Go into Device Manager on your computer( Control Panel-if you’re a dummy like me and don’t see it, change the view to Large Icons- Device Manager)
  5. Find the phone, Details, Hardware ID, write down the four numbers/letters on the left side
  6. Open your (username) folder, go to the .android folder, open a new text document, put the ID in this format 0x… (for me it was 0x1728) in this new blank document and name it adb_usb.ini
  7. If you use DooMLord Root v4, this should be everything you need. By this point, however, I skipped DL Root and searched for one click root apps, finding and using UnLock Root.
I thought I’d write this for those of us who bought a cheap little chinese phone but have no guides to rooting it online.  Oh and superuser access is what allows some apps to work on rooted phone. Just give them access and enjoy the apps.
If you’re also like me, here are icons and backgrounds I’ve made, modified and found using sprites and icons from the games. I have FF6, Tomba, Chrono Trigger, and Earthbound [in here], with more coming as I think about them.
Happy rooting!



















Seacrest out.


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    9 Responses to “Chinese Spreadtrum 9300 4.0 Root”
    1. avatar EUGENIO DIAZ says:

      necesito el softwar para instalar un celuar chino android

    2. avatar Vitor says:

      Why ROMs for Galaxy S Blaze 4G?

    3. avatar WheelerOne says:

      tried following your method, it’s just that DoomLord cannot push or write anything because it says /System is write only.

    4. avatar Eder says:

      friend!! you can make one video about it? is very hard…i need help, please!!:)

    5. avatar nieves says:

      Can any of you guys make a step by step video for rooting spreadtrum device Thanks ….

    6. avatar argh says:

      you neglected to mention that Unlock Root requires payment and the installation of useless additional crap before it will work.

    7. avatar its me says:

      @argh download pro ver. from…..u will need utorrent to download it 🙂 😉

    8. 00 but collect up to six issues of a series in single paperback book.
      There have been a few Batman movies and each successive one had better special effects.
      Most expensive stamp: The Swedish ‘Treskilling Yellow’, worth $2.

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