Waze: User Generated Traffic Reports

I am an avid android user and I happened to find this awesome (FREE) app that is available for android as well as iphone and windows mobile devices. ┬áBasically what Waze does is it creates real-time traffic information based on how fast users are going when they are driving with the app turned on. I love this idea because as a frequent commuter I know lots of back roads and several ways to get where I need to go but I never know which road to take. For example I could take backroads but if the interstate isn’t backed up then I am wasting my time.

I know what you are thinking, on android you have access to google maps just check the traffic information there. Well I could but it’s not always real time and it is rarely accurate, it may say the interstate is backed up (which it is) but it doesn’t tell me how fast the cars are going, if they are going 20mph I want to take the interstate, if they are completely stopped I obviously want to avoid it. That is is where Waze comes in, it tracks how fast the cars are moving and posts it on the map in real time, so my classmate or co-worker who left 10 minutes earlier than I did is not stuck in traffic in vain :), they are letting me know not to go that way just by running the app and driving.

Check out the Waze site here and if you have a phone that works with Waze download it for sure, and help make the Atlanta commute more pleasant. The more people that use it the better your commute might be.


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