Pokeweird: Lost Silver Hack Update

So, I was just lurking and found an update on the lost silver rom hack! http://www.64digits.com/download.php?name=lostsilver_demo2.zip&id=29334

It’s legit. It’s in beta mode though, not complete yet so it may be glitchy and end abruptly.

The read me file has the controls and information.

I haven’t played it yet, waiting for the right time.

Update: So I played this last night alone because the icon kept teasing me on my desktop. All in all I have to say this has potential and not because of it’s self but I don’t know, I’ll explain it when I find the words. Anyways, kudos to Tohjo Falls for making this. I can’t wait to play the finished product.

Seacrest out.


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    Juan Soto enjoys reading mangas over watching animes, listening to what pleases me, majoring in Int'l Economic Policy with concentration in german, loves soccer, and plays video games for the story and not the the challenge. Yes, he is casual.

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