3 Ways Technology Has Affected Today’s Leaders 


Technological advances such as the Internet, mobile Technology, and social media have had a deep impact on what makes a great leader compared to the previous generation. This is not a clear connection that numerous make. However, it is there nonetheless, and the best leaders know how to make this work to their benefit. 

The following are 3 ways that technology has affected Leadership in businesses around the world. If the style of your leadership hasn’t altered to keep up, you may be falling behind. 

  1. The Most Effective Leaders Have Critical Thinking Skills

With the information superhighway at the fingertips of every member of your team, it is simple for today’s leaders to quickly find themselves inundated with an avalanche of information. The most effective leaders know how to use their grave thinking skills to analyze information as well as make decisions rapidly. 

  1. The Best Leaders Embrace Change

Mobile Technology such as cloud computing means that one day you can outsource a project to a dreamy country and have it back by the time your team arrives at the office the next day. This means that variations to a prevailing project can be prepared on a penny. 

And, with the advent of technology such as social media, the words, good or bad, about your business’s brand can be spread in minutes. What all of this means is that you need to be the style of leader who grips change, as technology makes it unavoidable. 

  1. The Best Leaders Lead through Influence, Not Power

The hierarchical, control, and command structures of the past have disappeared. The days of just telling somebody to do something are moved out. Along with influencing their staff, the most effective leaders also influence individuals outside of their companies to capture, create, and distribute value through a network of systems. That is why influence is so significant. 

Technology is liable for breaking down much of the hierarchical structure. Why/How? What makes a great leader, is just because those who are in the workforce currently, are raised up with Technology in a way that those before them could never have dreamed. 

Doing business in a global economy is the reality of Generation Y, not a myth that will one day come true. And they don’t like being told to do something because you are the manager, they would like to know why they should do it, and that they would like to be as essential a part of the procedure as possible. Therefore, understanding how to influence team members is essential, the days of ordering around those below you are over. 

The Key to Being a Great Leader in a Global Economy 

One of the messages I concentrate on in the development seminars and Leadership training I give around the country is – Knowing Yourself. To be an effective leader these days, it is essential that leaders know themselves. 

The motive for this is so significant is very simple but really powerful. You see, when you actually know yourself, your own strengths as well as weaknesses, it becomes easier. Think critically and accept the change, as you are not scared of it and influencing others. Because the need to compete or Leader is gone; your purpose becomes to influence, to help, to inspire. This is what actual leadership looks like in the twenty-first century. This is the best effective team Leadership. 

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